Product Review: LQD+ Flavoured Water Squirts – Your Bottled Water Must-Have

Little purse-sized bottles of sugar-free, flavoured water squirts have hit the market, and we’ve given them a test run.

lqdFlowers are blooming, birds are singing and our new warmer weather wardrobe is bursting with new purchases. Our thoughts have turned to our Summer bodies, and whether or not they’ll make the cut. It’s time to hit the gym, start drinking buckets of water, and start eating healthily again. It’s Spring. Now if only those flavoured bottle waters weren’t so packed full of sugar. Sigh….

Enter stage left – LQD+. This new product concept is everything we’ve ever wanted, but didn’t realise at the time.

Little purse-sized 48ml bottles of sugar-free, flavoured water squirts. Stay with me here. In this tiny bottle of goodness, you get 24 squirts of lemon, tropical or berry flavour to add to any bottles of water you may be lugging around with you. No longer does the obligatory 8 glasses of water need to be a dull experience.

I could pretty much say that this little secret weapon could be the driving force in my new bikini body this Summer. Lqd+ sugar free flavour squirts = Miranda Kerr body. I’m sure my theory holds water (see what I did there?)

Time to stock up on bottled water, LQD+ and wait to see where my new healthy life takes me.

LQD+ can be found at Woolworths, Foodland and On The Run. For more info visit

Note: This was an unpaid product review.

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