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Prohibition Liquor announces personalised Mother’s Day gin

Image: Prohibition Liquor.

Did you get your gin-loving ways from your mama? If so, get her her a customised bottle for her special day. 

Adelaide’s Prohibition Liquor Co has announced “Mum’s Gin” for Mother’s Day, and we think it’ll make a great gift. 

Not only is the gin packaged in an adorable, bright pink bottle, but it also comes with the fun option of customising the bottle at no additional cost. 

She will love the bottle and personalisation, and the flavours sound delicious too. 

Prohibition’s Mother’s Day Gin is a mixture of fresh berries and flowers. There is raspberry, pomegranate, and rose to match the bottle’s pink theme, as well as vanilla, piney juniper, hibiscus, lavender, lime, and Riverland lemon zest. 

It is recommended neat on ice, as a fruity G&T, with soda, or as a colourful martini with raspberry and mint leaf garnish.

Prohibition Liquor describes the taste as harmonious.

“Bold yet refined, this gin balances delicate flavours in unapologetically vibrant ways,” they say. 

In addition to vibrant pink, the customisable bottle also has old-fashioned bathers models printed on it. The Sennet Bathing Beauties, who were famous in the early 1900’s for wearing beach wear considered raunchy in their time, make a statement on the Mother’s Day bottle. The company describes the ladies as “iconic,” “energetic and mischievous,” noting similarities to their small batch mum’s gin. 

“These ‘good time girls’ were like our Prohibition small batch releases… here for a good time, not a long time,” the bottle says. 

“Enjoy our small batch spirits wile you can – life is short, seize the moment!”

While a bottle of their popular Bathtub Cut Gin is $125, the Mother’s Day option is $99. 

Get the bottle here while it lasts.

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