Prohibition Liquor Co’s Distillery Opens In The CBD


Their tasting room has been open for more than a year, and now Prohibition Liquor Co will also be distilling right in the heart of the city.

This week they officially unveiled their new still, sitting right in the heart of their venue in Adelaide’s southwest corner.

It’s the first still of their own for Adelaide mates Adam Carpenter and Wes Heddles, who founded the award-winning Prohibition.

“Contract distilling with Applewood Distillery has allowed the business to grow faster, with our time focussed on building a strong brand and market presence”, said Adam.

“We launched our Tasting Room in Gilbert St over a year ago and ran out of space to put a still from the first day we opened.

“Fast forward a year, and we have secured and renovated an extra space and have now installed a beautiful, custom-built still.”

Wes, who commissioned the still, adds: “After an exhaustive process, working with still makers all over the world, we settled on a custom-built 900 litre copper still from highly recommended Chinese manufacturer DYE Stills.”

“DYE was excellent to work with – they were super-responsive, and their workmanship is exceptional.”

“We have specified every detail of the still we wanted, which will perfectly suit our manufacture now and well into the future.”

Adam said Prohibition, along with other traders, is helping create a vibrant precinct in Adelaide’s southwest corner.

“With Sparkke Brewery opening around the corner and a bunch of great venues in Sturt and Gilbert streets promoting quality local craft gin, beer and wines, it’s becoming a new mecca,” he says.

The pair hope to start producing from it as soon as next week.

“It really is the start of things for us, controlling our own production and new products, it’s very exciting,” Wes says.

“Between distilling labour, additional gin masterclasses and tours and a boost in numbers through the doors, it could mean up to four new jobs in the long-term.”

Prohibition Liquor Co is at 22 Gilbert St, Adelaide. Click here for more.

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