Property Council Praises Parklands Planning Proposal

AdelaideThe Property Council of Australia (South Australian Division) has welcomed a proposal put to the Adelaide Park Lands Authority for a Landscape Masterplan that could activate and enhance one of Adelaide’s greatest assets. South Australian Division Executive Director Nathan Paine said the Masterplan had the potential to create magnificent places for people from what is now an ‘unpolished jewel’.

“Adelaide is known in many corners of the globe as a ‘city in a park’ and it’s a title we’re fortunate to have,” Mr Paine said.

“But in the absence of a coherent structure guiding their evolution, our park lands have become, in large part, an unpolished jewel in our city’s crown.”

“The proposal to revitalise regions of the park lands with unique character and identity is a great first step in enhancing their amenity and appeal; the next step is delivering the on-ground attractions and facilities that actively bring people into those spaces.”

Mr Paine emphasised that any moves to activate the park lands should not involve residential or office development within them.

“The Property Council only endorses developments in the park lands if they deliver strong social, cultural, educational or recreational outcomes for the wider South Australian community,” he said.

“We are on the record in Adelaide 2036: Building on Light’s Vision saying that appropriate public facilities within the park lands can enhance their amenity, and we strongly believe that well-planned residential development along the park land fringes can inject vibrancy into the heart of the city.

“The park lands are one of South Australia’s most valuable community assets and we must utilise this asset by encouraging their active use.

“Again we endorse this first step in creating lively, fun spaces in our park lands and look forward to working with Adelaide City Council and APLA to deliver them.”

Adelaide 2036 was released in October 2009 and made several recommendations for the revitalisation and activation of the park lands including:

  • prepare and implement a masterplan to create an integrated events, sporting, cultural and entertainment precinct at Riverbank West;
  • review the Adelaide (City) Development Plan to boost development potential in key locations, for example Park Land terraces and the five southern squares;
  • upgrade Victoria Square to create a dynamic and people-friendly civic, event and gathering space in the heart of the central city; and
  • promote density along park land edges as a means of extending high density city-style living opportunities.

Visit the Property Council of Australia’s Website (SA Division)

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