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Prospect 1838 Reveal New Display Home & We’ve Officially Sworn Off Avocado

We’re pretty much in awe of Prospect 1838’s new display home. Bright and airy, sleek and modern, with ample room for all our pot plants.


Whether you’re a first-time buyer or fourth-time buyer, buying from a development can be super exciting, but nonetheless intimidating. It can sometimes be hard to visualise what you’re getting into.

Enter the humble display home — a picture perfect vision of what your future home could look like once you’ve picked your fave furniture pieces from Ikea and done a solid trip down Kmart’s homeware aisle.

Speaking of picture perfect, we’re pretty much in awe of Prospect 1838‘s new display home. Bright and airy, sleek and modern, with ample room for all our pot plants. Check it out:

New local who recently bought a Prospect 1838 townhouse, Robyn, says the location is great if you want something close to the city.

“Coming from the country, I wanted the space of a house with the simplicity of a townhouse. Once we got our heads around townhouse living, we loved the idea. Townhouse living without being boxed into the thick of the city suited us perfectly.”

Just because they’re townhouses doesn’t mean you’re missing out on any space either.

“The layout of the home was really functional and uses the space well,” comments Robyn. “The fact that the home is double storey means that even when the house is full, everyone has their own space.”

Not only are the Prospect 1838 homes incredibly easy on the eyes, but they’re located in the heart of the City of Prospect. Yes, that means you’re surrounded by brekkie hot spots like Cafe Komodo and Mekko Market, plenty of boutique shops, and the amazing new history wall mural.

The display home is open every day from 2pm to 4pm. If you want to swing by and take a look, make a booking online or call Garry on 0437 023 584.

You can find the Prospect 1838 display home at 723 Davenport Terrace, Prospect.

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