Prospect Gallery Hosts Stunning Exhibition

City of Prospect will host a stunning exhibition of work by local artist Meg Cowell at the Prospect Gallery from 6-27 February 2011.

Prospect Mayor, David O’Loughlin said, ‘As South Australia’s first community gallery, we have supported excellence in emerging and local artists for over 20 years and I am delighted  Meg is our first exhibition for 2011.’

‘Meg’s work is very sophisticated, and her sensual and emotive images are something to experience.’ Mayor O’Loughlin said.

Sacrum represents the second chapter in Meg Cowell’s explorations of symmetry and the psyche.

Cowell’s new work is liberated from the union of photography and digital imagery.

The most delicate of feminine fabrics are displayed, distorted and expanded with depth and intimacy.

The large scale digital images bring an abstract perspective to the intimate Prospect Gallery.

These are punctuated with X-ray images presenting tension between the most interior and exterior facets of our bodies.

Entry to the exhibition is free and artworks are for sale.

For more information visit

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