Putting the SA in USA: Adelaide’s Central Market

Meet Glam Adelaide’s newest intern all the way from a small town in Oklahoma. She writes about her first treasure find since arriving in Adelaide.

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Pictured: Brooke experiencing FruChocs for the first time.


Let us introduce Brooke, Glam Adelaide’s newest intern all the way from a small town in Oklahoma, America! Brooke has only just arrived and during her 2 month stay in Adelaide will be exploring South Australia and reporting her findings. Here’s what she has to say.

Before I came from the States to Adelaide, I had many concerns from other people wondering why I was coming here during the winter.  Many people wondered why I was giving up my summer up in Oklahoma.  However, as soon as I got to Adelaide I knew I made the right choice. Consider this the beginning of a winter guide for tourists, and maybe along the way it will remind some Adelaideans how awesome it really is to live here.

One of the first treasures I experienced in Adelaide was the Central Market.  Being the foodie I am, I literally ‘ate it up.’  If you’re here for an extended stay it is a great place to stock up on fresh produce.

Fruit- Central Market

And you won’t just find the freshest fruit.  You’ll find a variety of shops that will keep you intrigued, with unique shops like Mushroom Man’s Mushroom Shop (where you can find some of the world’s best truffles).

Mushroom Man

It’s a great place to come indulge all your senses, especially your sweet tooth with countless made from scratch Australian desserts.


The only problem you’ll have with Adelaide’s Central Market is how delicious everything looks.  You’ll want to try everything!  But that’s ok, there are plenty of free samples to go around (bring a friend, you’ll feel less guilty)..


So go gather up a Pandora’s box of delectable food and sit down for lunch at the Central Market. Enjoy the ambience of it all, its friendly people and the irresistible sweet and savoury smells.  Your taste buds will thank you!

Beware: Closed on Sunday and Monday!

Gouger St, Adelaide SA 5000.


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