Putting the SA in USA: Victor Harbor

During Brooke’s 2 month stay here she is exploring Adelaide and South Australia and reporting her findings.

Glam Adelaide’s intern Brooke is all the way from a small town in Oklahoma, America! During her 2 month stay here she is exploring Adelaide and South Australia and reporting her findings. 

As soon as I arrived in Australia I continuously heard how I HAD to make trip to Victor Harbor. (Since then, I have already made 2 or 3 trips there. Whoopsie!)  It’s a city about an hour south of Adelaide with a homey small town feel, too many fish and chip shops (if that’s possible) and a well-known reputation by whale watchers.  

If you’re going to make a visit to Victor Harbor (and surrounding areas) there are a few things you must know, from a tourist trying to act like a local: 

Victor Harbour

1.  Once you make the scenic drive through the Fleurieu Peninsula, don’t forget to stop at the PT Elliot Bakery (obviously in Port Elliot), on your way into town.  I repeat DON’T FORGET.  It is the best decision you’ll make all day. The site has been a bakery for more than 100 years!  They use the original wood fired ovens every morning to bake their fresh, made-from-scratch goodies.

PT Bakery

2. The bakery is only a hop, skip and jump away from Horseshoe Bay, one of the areas most popular swimming beaches.  If you’re a young soul this is the place you go jetty jumping, and if you have children you can enjoy the beach while they enjoy the nearby playground.  Also, keep a look out for whales in the winter and the spring!

Photo courtesy of South Australia

Photo courtesy of

3. The Bluff at Victor Harbor is one of the best places to whale watch, but it has many more endearing qualities.  You can ride the horse drawn tram across the bridge to the infamous Granite Island where over 200 fairy penguins lived less than five years ago before they migrated (if you’re lucky you might still see one)!  There’s also a great trail to walk around the island as you link arms with loved ones and learn Australian facts, all while being surrounded by the beautiful blue ocean and wild life.  Not to mention, the view from the island is one-of-a-kind!


However, before you make the trek around Granite Island don’t forget to grab an authentic hot dog from Klaus’s Wurst Haus!  He has a wide selection of toppings and dogs to choose from, even kid friendly ones.  Also they’re organic, an even better excuse to have one! (Not that we needed one. Nom. Nom. Nom)  But like many fun things to see in Victor Harbor, Klaus is only there on the weekend!  If you are thinking of making a trip, I recommend a weekend trip! Especially for winter travels!


So if you’re a tourist, have a family or just want to have a nice relaxing day out go to Victor Harbor.  It will be a weekend full of small town charm, beautiful views, whales, beach walks and much, much more.

For more info about visiting Victor Harbor go here.

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