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Quentin is Back With a Continuing Adventure

Quentin is back with another great project. Check out all the details here!

Quentin Kenihan30 years ago Australia first fell in love with Quentin Kenihan, a cheeky seven-year old who was confined to a wheelchair, suffering from a rare genetic bone condition. The boy who became a household name thanks to his personable character and positive attitude is now a 38-year old man. Since that first interview, his career has thrived, and he works as a film maker, television presenter and corporate speaker.
In 2001 Quentin Kenihan along with good friend Kanesan Nathan created a short film called The Claw. It was funded by The South Australian Film Corporation and supported by local media company Imagination Entertainment. It was about a disabled man who used a toy claw to get his way in life. It was big success for all the cast and crew. It was short listed at Tropfest, toured the country and has since had thousands of views on Youtube.
The intention was to always create a sequel to The Claw. However, Quentin’s career and health got in the way of that.
Now Quentin’s health has improved enough for him to tackle this project, The Claw 2. The film explains how the main character, Chris Fisher has been living without his Claw and his quest to regain his superpower. The message of the film that Quentin wants to give people is that you can rise above adversity no matter what the obstacle.
Quentin has put together a crowd funding campaign through the web site Pozible. His goal is to raise $10,000. The crowd funding will go towards the actual cash components such as equipment and travel needed in production that wont be able to be sponsored.
The crowd funding campaign will last until May. Afer that Quentin will be sourcing a cast and crew from Australian professionals willing to donate their time and energy to what will hopefully be a great project.
To watch The Claw please go to: http://youtu.be/Iai48jo0xW8
To donate to The Claw 2 campaign go to: www.pozible.com/claw2
Follow Quentin on Twitter at: @qkenihan

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