Quintillion Concierge: Less Adulting, More Exulting

Quintillion Concierge: Less Adulting, More Exulting

Who doesn’t need an extra pair of hands juggling life’s little nuisances? And planning when you’re time poor; forget about it! Need help? Quintillion needs to be your go-to.


If you’re reading this, you will find one of these three scenarios relatable:

You need to perform a child-related task but also are waiting for a tradie to show up; you have deadline demands but you want to stay loyal to #cleaneating; your boss just let go of your events person and wants you to pull together a seamless celebration by next Friday, without dropping the ball on your current workload. Unless you have a body double (or like me, an ethnic mother in law who would love to do all of the above on my behalf and remind my husband he had it better at home), you would find yourself in a wee bit of a pickle.

For such situations, there is only one answer, and that is Quintillion, your personal concierge. Founder Carly Falconer sadly lacks Tom Hiddleston’s smirk and charming accent, but where she doesn’t my The Night Manager concierge fantasy, she makes up for in pretty well anything you can legally pay her to do. That’s right, the G-rated possibilities are endless.

QuintillionCarly and her team (or, as I like to say, Quintilli-minions) are all for you living your best life, coming home to a fridge full of food, fresh dry-cleaning and that gas heater finally installed, all while your daughter’s fifth birthday is ready for swathes of screaming kiddies on Saturday morning. Quintillion is here to remove the stigma that only celebrities need personal assistants, though you can probably hire Carly to feed you Taylor Swift tears from a golden eye-dropper, while you kick back to the new Calvin Harris track.

“It is affordable and everyone is so time poor these days,” Carly says. “People need to realise what’s a priority in their life – is it spending time with their children, going to the gym, having fun with friends or doing your day-to-day errands and things that are easy to outsource to me?” For the constantly busy, Quintillion offers memberships so you can catch up with Carly weekly or monthly to divulge your to-do list, or you can use Quintillion ad hoc.

Quintillion“Especially with the 9am to 5pm workers, they can give me the keys to their house and I can drop in ready-cooked meals, I can do the shopping, pick-up or drop off dry cleaning, organise a cleaner, pay bills, or I can stay at home waiting for the tradesman to come so you don’t have to worry about that,” Carly says.

When it comes to the busy mum scene, Quintillion knows not to get too personal, but will happily write thank you notes, de-clutter the house, organise professional meals and potentially oversee construction of a secret room to hide and drink mojitos (my suggestion).

Quintillion Quintillion“I also do corporate clients,” Carly says. “I do quite a few client events for people because a lot of companies have gotten rid of their marketing people these days and outsource that to me.” Events has been the most commonly requested service at Quintillion by corporates, seeing Carly organise a gala event for 250 people in support of charity Eye Play Sport.

Investing in your Quintillion personal concierge is all about reinvesting in your life. “People are so stressed out these days, if you can give someone your to do list, I think you can sit back, relax and just enjoy life,” Carly says. There we have it, folks; less sorting, more cavorting.

To find our more, and see the full list of services provided by Quintillion, visit their website or contact Carly directly on 0455 300 636.

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