April 2024

R.M. Williams introduces new production line for women’s boot manufacturing

R.M. Williams has expanded its workshop in Adelaide’s northern suburbs to include a dedicated manufacturing line for women’s boots.

Iconic Australian boot-maker R.M. Williams has expanded its workshop in Adelaide’s northern suburbs to include a manufacturing line specifically for handcrafted women’s boots.

The new production line will see the creation of 70 jobs for South Australians, following an $8 million investment into new equipment that is part of the 13,500 square meter expansion for the Salisbury South factory.

Having seperate manufacturing lines for their mens and womens boots will enable R.M. Williams to locally craft a more diverse offering of women’s boots in higher quantities, to meet the demands of its growing female customer base. 

The brand will now offer seven distinct styles of Chelsea boots within their women’s line, with various heel heights and types, all designed by women.

Overall, the change will significantly increase their capacity for leather craft, apparel, and footwear repairs, aligning with R.M. Williams’ dedication in maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

The transformation is part of their Australian owner Tattarang’s commitment to bolstering on-shore manufacturing and expanding their footwear offerings for women.

Tattarang Director and R.M. Williams Board Member Nicola Forrest AO said the company is committed to investing in sustainable local manufacturing and supporting new careers in Australian craftsmanship. 

“As RM realised almost a century ago, women across Australia had equal need for elegant yet resilient boots and workwear that could withstand the rigours of living and working on the land,” Mrs Forrest said. 

“Today, we are investing in the next chapter of this history together with talented women in leadership positions working on every step of the boot making process, proudly making products for women by women.”

By involving female designers in the creation process, R.M. Williams has ensured the designs are tailored to meet the preferences and needs of their female customer base.

It’s a significant change for the 92-year-old brand, but the expansion demonstrates R.M.Williams is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for their iconic boots, while maintaining their commitment to delivering exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

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