APRIL FOOLS: RAA Launches ‘Pawtrols’ – The Innovative Mobile Doggy Daycare Service for South Aussie Canines

RAA introduces ‘Pawtrols,’ a unique doggy daycare experience allowing canines to accompany RAA Patrols on duty. It’s companionship on the road for Patrol members, and an adventure-filled day for your furry friends.

RAA has launched a unique member-exclusive mobile doggy daycare service named ‘Pawtrols’. In this unique offering, dogs are able to accompany the renowned RAA Patrols during their duty, serving as companions to the patrollers in between customer interactions.

As part of this service, dogs are transported from their home by Patrols and then safely secured in the passenger seat of a Patrol van. The canines then go on to partake in a 10-hour day on the road, seeing each roadside call-out safely, enjoying a balanced lunch, and returning to their owners accompanied by a report from the day.

Dorothy Nycz, the General Manager of Automotive Services, underscored the service’s relevance to the emotional and mental health of Patrol members. “Our Patrols are on the road by themselves, delivering valued service to our members, and in-between interaction with our members, it can be lonely, so it’s only appropriate they have a companion for their shift and what better companion than a dog?”,” said Ms Nycz. She also added, “We know this service will help reduce the guilt and anxiety of leaving dogs home alone while our members are at work or at other commitments.”

In a bid to ensure unrivalled canine safety while on the road, select Patrol vans have been equipped with dog seatbelts and a travel water bowl. Furthermore, the RAA has provided hi-visibility vests and reflective harnesses and leads for the dogs.

The service allows for only one dog per van, with a provision for bonded pairs – a consideration for dogs who may not enjoy the company of other canines.

The RAA has announced that a convenient online booking system will be available soon via the RAA app for the Pawtrols service.

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