RAA to rescue car breakdowns at COVID test sites

As testing facilitates continue to be overwhelmed, the RAA will be providing free roadside assist to those who breakdown at a COVID testing facility

Image credit: Clinpath

In a joint initiative with the South Australian government, the RAA will be providing roadside assistance to members and non-members alike who breakdown in COVID-19 testing queues.  

As testing facilitates continue to be overwhelmed in light of SA’s current COVID outbreak, reports of staggering wait times and numerous car breakdowns have emerged.

Hoping to ease disruptions to the vital service, RAA will be offering a free roadside call out to all queuing motorists, however, fees will apply to those requiring fuel, new batteries, or other car parts.

A dedicated hotline has been created in an effort to respond to all test site breakdowns, prioritising the call-outs to improve traffic flow and decrease wait times.

Over the last few days, the RAA has responded to more than 40 calls per day from motorists at several testing sites, with the most common culprit for assistance being flat batteries and no fuel.

To avoid breaking down in line, the RAA suggests having a full tank before entering any testing facility, minimise use of plug-in accessories when your car is not running and pack warm clothes, food and drinks before joining the queue.

While the government is appreciative to those who have come forward for a COVID test, criticism has been raised over the unprecedented wait times at several testing facilitates.

Individuals at Victoria Park in Adelaide’s CBD have reported as long as a 12-hour wait time, with additional accounts reporting 14 hours overnight at other SA testing sites.

While there is no official way to find out how long you’ll have to wait, a public Facebook page has been created for individuals to share their experiences online.

Today, Marshall announced plans for new testing facilities to be opened this weekend at Netball SA’s headquarters in Mile End and the Warradale Army Barracks to help ease the overwhelmed system. In addition to the new sites, existing facilities are also adding extra staff to help ease the pressure.

If you’re in the queue at a testing facility and need vehicle assistance, call RAA’s hotline number: 8202 8109

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