Check The Safety Rating Before Buying A Used Car

If you are in the market for a used car, then you need to read the RAA Used Car Safety Ratings 2015 brochure first

Photo Credit: RAA Website.

Photo Credit: RAA Website.

Consumers looking to buy a used car have plenty of safe cars to choose from, with more than 40 per cent of used vehicles tested scoring excellent or good in the 2015 Used Car Safety Ratings guide.

Road Safety Minister Tony Piccolo said the safety rating was a good indicator of the level of protection drivers could expect in a crash.
“Factors like price, colour, seating capacity and make are important when purchasing a car, but safety should be on the top of your list,” Mr Piccolo said.

“This year’s guide examines 217 vehicles and identifies the models which offer better protection in a crash, not only for occupants, but for all road users.

“These independent ratings indicate that a driver of the worst-rated vehicle is more than six times as likely to be killed or seriously injured in the same crash as a driver in the best-rated vehicle.

“It is particularly important that young drivers look at purchasing one of the top-rated vehicles, given that they have a higher than average crash rate.

Mr Piccolo said a recent crash demonstration conducted for the guide at Crashlab by the NSW Centre for Road Safety showed the importance of selecting the safest car possible.

“It also demonstrated the difference in outcomes when two used cars comparable in price and category, but widely different in safety scores, were crashed into each other,” Mr Piccolo said.

RAA Senior Manager Mobility and Automotive Policy, Mark Borlace said it was crucial buyers realised that used cars were seldom as safe to drive as new models.

”The great disparity in ratings for used vehicles emphasises the importance to car buyers of the Used Car Safety Ratings guide,” Mr Borlace said.

“We would recommend that people stay away from the 71 models in the poor or very poor category and look towards the 21 vehicles that earned the coveted Safe Pick rating.

“Some of the lower-priced, top rating Safe Pick models include the Honda Civic (2006-11), Subaru Impreza (2007-11), Holden Captiva (2006-13), Toyota Aurion (2006-12) and the Ford Falcon 2008-13.

“These 21 vehicles are the safest used cars for vehicle’s occupants, while also providing good protection for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists in the event of a crash.

Mr Borlace said safety should not be compromised by price with many of the top rating used vehicles available for under $10,000.

“Even the Light Car category has a vehicle rated as excellent – the Ford Fiesta manufactured from 2009-2013,” Mr Borlace said.

The used car safety ratings are based on reports from more than seven million actual crashes from 1987-2013 reported to police in Australia and New Zealand.

They cover more than 90 percent of popular passenger and light commercial vehicles in the Australian market, manufactured between 1982 and 2013.

Safe Pick vehicles must be fitted with ESC, as well as perform well in protecting occupants and other road users.

The Vehicle Safety Research Group which commissioned the research is comprised of the major motoring clubs and state motoring authorities in Australia and New Zealand.

Visit to find out more or download the Used Car Safety Ratings 2015 brochure.

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