Race To The City Motorsport Event Becomes Annual & Filming Is Underway

Last year, the Adelaide Motorsport Festival filmed their first Race to the City short film. The street race is back once again this year, now officially an annual event!


Nearly 10 months ago the Adelaide Motorsport Festival filmed their first Race to the City short film. The viral clip featured some of the best in motorsport racing, with three Formula One cars alongside a Ducati superbike and a Brock-era Torana racing through the city traffic to Victoria Park racecourse.

The camera crews that captured the action thought they were simply filming a short promotion for the Adelaide Motorsport Festival, but the street race turned into a huge hit that would be seen across the globe! And it’s no wonder—our easygoing city was brought to life by a unique set of vehicles weaving through local traffic, the roar of their engines waking up sleepy home-goers to look on in wonder as the drivers zipped by in a rush of glowing lights.

After the success of the Race to the City 2017, the Adelaide Motorsport Festival is proud to announce that it will now be an annual event! They’re actually already halfway through the filming of Race to the City 2018, which promises to be bigger and better—including a different storyline, multiple locations, and just as many awesome vehicles speeding through our city streets!

The Adelaide Motorsport Festival promises excitement, awesome vehicles, and the purr of rare engines from November 28th to December 2nd. Grab your tickets here!

And in the meantime, keep an ear out for this year’s filming and check out the full video from last year’s street race here: https://www.adelaidemotorsportfestival.com.au/…/race-to-the…

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