Radio Adelaide Live Music Fest

radio_adelRadio Adelaide’s ‘Live Music Fest’ is the biggest annual radio music event in Adelaide. Featuring over 90 acts from all over the world, the festival has garnered a large following both locally and internationally.

Starting on Monday September 13th and going all through the week, ‘Live Music Fest’ will feature a diverse range of artists including local favourites Fire! Santa Rosa Fire!, Akoustic Odyssey, and Kashkul which features the popular Iranian percussionist Arash Zanganeh.

The festival is ran by Radio Adelaide volunteers who work from 8am to midnight each day to ensure that the acts are set up and ready to go.

As a special treat this year, Fire! Santa Rose Fire! and 20th Century Graduates will be doing a live performance from the Unibar on Friday September 17th from 5:30pm.

Tune into Radio Adelaide 101.5 fm and listen to the Live Music Fest.

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