Random Acts of Kindness

Those on social media site Twitter will know that the possibilities for using hashtags are endless.

Tynte Flowers is an example of a business successfully using hashtags on Twitter through their #RandomActsofKindness campaign.

For the past several months Tynte Flowers has been taking notice of their followers tweets and if someone is in need of a random act of kindness, Tynte asks for their address and sends them flowers.

On International Nurses Day, Tynte singled out one of their followers, a nurse who works in the Nuclear Medicine department, to bestow a random act of kindness.

This nurse works with patients during some of the toughest times of their lives and is known to bring joy to every single one of them.

She was clearly overjoyed by the flowers Tynte sent her and grateful that she was being recognised on International Nurses Day.

“Your kind gesture of this gift, in appreciation for what we do as nurses everyday is overwhelming,” she said.

“Thank you so much again, I feel like one very special nurse and cant wipe the smile from my face.”

Tynte has also cheered up a few ladies stuck home with sick children and one who was feeling upset the day after a funeral.

It is evident that Tynte Flowers is using social media sites such as Twitter in a positive and beneficial way to establish two-way communication with people to connect online and offline.

By embracing social media, this Adelaide based organisation is connecting with customers in a way that would never have been possible before.

To visit Tynte’s website go to or check out their Facebook.

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