Media Release: Rann’s Job Hoax

liberal saMEDIA RELEASE: Isobel Redmond MP, Leader of the Opposition, Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Arts

Monday 1st  March 2010

Mike Rann has been caught out once again misleading the South Australian people.

This morning on radio the Premier admitted his 100,000 jobs pledge was in fact just 30,000 extra jobs over the next six years.

Normal job growth would see 70,000 jobs created over the next six years.

So Premier, that’s 5,000 new jobs a year for the next six years – this state can do much better than that.

This admission goes to the very heart of credibility and trust; the voters of South Australia deserve more than just empty rhetoric on jobs creation.

If South Australia had kept pace with the national rate of job growth, 19,000 more South Australians would be employed but instead we have fallen behind.

Mr Rann has once again failed to address the real issues affecting voters and that is water security and health.


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