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RCC officially returning in a familiar location

Fringe’s loosest child, RCC, has revealed its location for 2021.

Fringe Festival’s loosest child, RCC, has revealed it will return in 2021, this time to Victoria Square.

Victoria Square hosted the first iteration of RCC, with the festival then moved to various locations in the city. For the past two years, RCC could be found at the University of Adelaide.

Bringing forth a slew of national and international artists for high energy gigs through UTOPIA, their open air venue, RCC hosted renowned musicians last year such as Pussy Riot, The Presets, and Aussie darlings, Northeast Party House.

Last year, the University of Adelaide parted ways with the festival citing COVID-19 restrictions as a factor in the decision.

The University of Adelaide’s Chief External Relations Officer, Mrs Leah Grantham, said that “with the impact of COVID-19 still ongoing, the University is unable to commit to RCC in 2021 and beyond,”

“We must ensure our primary focus remains on providing world-class education and research.”

With RCC returning to Victoria Square, we expect it won’t cater to the scores of attendees that have previously flooded the RCC grounds (wherever it has been) due to its more limited capacity and COVID-19 restrictions.

The lineup of events that are under the RCC umbrella are also up for contention – what will they be?

A lot of 2021 RCC remains under mystique but we’ll endeavour to find out for you, our readers, who we are positive are sorely missing the boogie.

Keep up to date with RCC via their website at

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