Rebirth – Nasim Nasr

Nexus Gallery, Lion Arts Centre, North Terrace, Adelaide
27th May – 1st July 2011
Performance: Australian Experimental Arts Foundation, Lion Arts Centre, North Terrace, Adelaide, 6pm, 24th June 2011

“A profusion of sacred light shines from a wall of darkness and shadow.”

Nasim Nasr will be performing at the Australian Experimental Arts Foundation at 6pm on 24th June. Seating will be available in the gallery for your comfort while you enjoy and connect with the latest performance art work, which is the culmination of a Masters degree at UniSA, coinciding with an exhibition opening at Nexus Gallery.

Identity, image, sexuality, repression and generalization are universal themes of different degrees which affect all cultures. Nasr shatters the cultural divide using symbolism in her work and performance, which erases myths and binds all cultures to the essential essence of the driving force of the spirit, being, heart, soul, body and mind, the universal creative combination which propels us to survival. These elements morph beyond superficial attire and images with the repression of these elements being an atrocity against humanity.

Nasr’s reference point is her Persian background which, leaving her homeland, has given her insight into similarities by different means, in other cultures. Often, individuals arrive at a concept earlier than the collective society, and so Nasr used her sensibility through her visual art language ‘lingua franca’, to express the inner light behind the repression of the chadors, ‘ women in shadow’, and the recognition of woman as ‘other’. Nasr has researched the core values of humanity, the visible and the invisible, which link all cultures and shatter the barriers. The richness of the human spirit transcends any outward appearance. Nasr continues to ‘erase myths to discover the source of the shadow, ‘the hidden light within’.

Without spoiling the performance, I leave you with this phrase to digest; ‘The human coat hanger’. Please email, [email protected] to book a seat for the performance.

Reviewed by Glam Adelaide Visual Art Critic, Gina De Pieri Salvi.

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