Recap: Washington At Bird In Hand Winery

I always forget if Washington is just a solo artist going by her last name, or an outfit, like Sade or Florence + the Machine. Regardless, last Saturday’s show was all about one person. One of our nation’s most consummate performers, Megan Washington braved the cold and the at-times very loud and tipsy audience to deliver a short but sweet set at the gorgeous Bird in Hand Winery on Saturday, May 19. Without a recent album or body of work to promote (although coming off the back of the hugely successful I Believe You Liar and Holy Moses EP), the show was Megan at her most free and fun-loving; relishing the chance to sing fan favourites ‘The Hardest Part’ and ‘Clementine’ next to b-side Teenage Fury and even a cover of The Divinyls’ classic ‘I Touch Myself’.

“I wasn’t expecting you all to be so animated tonight… but that’s a good thing!” said Megan, dressed in a stripey Parisian-style outfit with black lipstick to boot. The Barrel Hall at Bird in Hand Winery offered an intimate venue to an artist whose voice always sounds wonderfully familiar and soothing. Her first live show in three months, there were some kinks to be ironed out, but nonetheless Washington’s voice was as warm and inviting as the wine that filled the barrels lining the walls.

Whilst not her best set (that title goes to Parklife 2010), Washington elevates the simple ‘girl with a rock band’ cliché and brings a much needed sense of soul and gusto to the Australian live music scene. While Kate Miller-Heidke goes down the Q&A route and Sia pens her next hook for Flo Rida/David Guetta/insert generic pop artist here, Washington is still all about the music.

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