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Recording and Development Deal Sells for a Song

Wrap it Records and Grace Bawden today launched a new partnership model for the indie music industry.


Grace BawdenWrap it Records and Grace Bawden today launched a new partnership model for the indie music industry.

“…buy a stake in the recorded music industry”

Managing Director of Grace Bawden Promotions Pty Ltd, Matilda Bawden, has negotiated one of the most creative music industry models used anywhere to help advance the potential and mutual interest of artists, producers, composers, writers and musicians alike.  Referred to as the “Recording and Development (R&D) Model”, the cost structure builds in a marketing component used at the Producer’s discretion, in recognition of the important role that he/she plays in creating an artists career.

Professional artist development requires an industry skill, knowledge and network which most new artists and laypersons lack.
Producer for Wrap it Records, Darren Mullan, says “The model is ingenious because it offers a wide range of great incentives for people keen to buy a stake in the recorded music industry with limited risk.
For as little as AUS$2,500 per song, purchasers can have a say about certain features of the product including choosing the artist, producer and writer/s that take part in a recorded product. Writers too can pitch songs with the chance to have their track recorded and sold.It’s a win for everybody.

Amongst other things, the R&D Model:
•            Enables people to purchase a share of royalty rights to a song, even if they do not write or compose music themselves.
•            Gives writers, composers, producers and artists the option to hand-pick the talent pool with which they want to collaborate to create their product.
•            Guarantees that the music will be placed on a CD for commercial marketing and licensing.
•            Multiplies the effect of any marketing resources by giving fair-use rights to contributors to sell/promote the product.
•            Promotes the success of CD sales ahead of the sale of single releases, with all purchasers earning a share of sales profits – reversing the common trend in the music industry of promoting singles and songs ahead of artists and their CDs.
•            Encourages the artist’s community to buy into the product early in the artist’s career, when the product is likely to be cheaper and more affordable.
•            Maximizes the possibility of an artist succeeding on the international music scene as it strengthens the network of gifted or talented artists capable of delivering a more “complete package”.
•            Provides a transparent and accountable, passive income stream to all concerned.
•            Negates the risks of relying upon investors and avoids the risk of “sharks” taking control of the product.

Matilda devised the model after being lobbied persistently by songwriters and lyricists eager to collaborate with Grace.
Appreciating the difficulties Grace has had to face as a young independent artist with growing international interest, but without the significant marketing and distribution resources of a major label, Matilda has spent considerable time exploring the many roads that lead to a successful, commercially viable, music product. The answer came with the intervention of the multi-talented producer Darren Mullan. “With our Australian distributor, One Stop Entertainment recently declaring itself bankrupt, we are forced to be less dependent on existing players in the industry and more reliant on our own experience and networks to succeed,” Matilda said.

Darren and Grace have already trialled the model with the recently recorded cover of The Killers smash hit, “Human”. Many influential industry giants already tip it to be hit and a new UK purchaser has already expressed interest in buying a percentage of the royalty rights to another track, soon to be produced and pitched to Hollywood filmmakers and Synchronisation Supervisors. “This is a rare opportunity. Who wouldn’t wish they could buy into the commercial potential of a song featured in a blockbuster movie or a best-selling product endorsed by a high-profile celebrity? There are books, perfume, clothing labels and other such products carrying the celebrity’s endorsement and selling musical products along the way,” Darren said.

The R&D Model is so obvious, it’s a wonder no one has thought of it before, but it probably needed someone with years of experience in sifting through the industry bull-dust to find the nugget. It’s nothing short of genius. The model also offers an alternative for aspiring artists to negate the empty promises of Pay-to-Play websites in favour of something very real and tangible.  There are no additional layers of A&R “experts” serving as gatekeepers, wasting membership and submission fees that lead nowhere.  Everything created is market-ready and not reliant on third parties for its commercial success. “We’re not recording demos. This is the real deal. Real talent teaming up with the best producers and making a REAL difference to our industry.   It’s time to take back the control. If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?” Darren said.
There are still limited spots remaining for purchasers in Grace’s second Australian album. Successful applicants are guaranteed that their song will feature in Grace’s North American release (to be pitched to feature filmmakers before September).

For further information:

contact Darren Mullan on 0411 047 770 or Matilda Bawden on 0412 836 685

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