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Red October’s underground bar Suzie Wong to surface in new Hindley St location

Red October will close its doors, but its basement bar, Suzie Wong will continue on in a different location.

After three years of service, Russian bar and restaurant, Red October will close its doors.

The COVID pandemic has proved disastrous for many Adelaide hospitality venues, and the Russian inspired bar and restaurant is the latest casualty.

While it’s goodbye for Red October, its basement bar, Suzie Wong will surface upside to a new location.

Owners of Red October Marina Tazhdynova and Roman Tazhdynov said it was heart breaking to know the restaurant would not be able to continue.

“It was a really long way to understand that we wouldn’t be able to continue trading,” Tazhdynova says.

“We had to urgently find a new venue, once we made the decision that we would be leaving. We could not afford to stay in that venue with the amount of people we are used to serving.

“It was a heartbreaking decision, but we needed to make it to stay afloat.”

Prior to COVID-19, the duo had plans to implement a new twist on the venue.

“We were going to redo the concept of Red October this year and turn it into a more of a diner style, late night food establishment with a Russian twist,” Tazhdynova says.

“Luckily, we had this concept ready to go, so when COVID hit we could at least sell this idea, but in take-away containers.

“It did make for something different each week. Our regulars really helped us a lot.

“They would come in and support us. They would buy take-away food, cocktails and supplies.

“All our team stayed very close. We helped each other mentally, money-wise and with food.

“But it came to a point where there was no way back and we needed to push forward.”

Not wanting to give up on their passion, whiskey, Marina and Roman found a new location for Suzie Wong on Hindley Street and will continue operating.

“Rather than doing nothing, we wanted to work with our passion, and that is whiskey,” Tazhdynova says.

“We’re going to expand our whiskey collection. Before COVID we were sitting at 120 bottles. We’ll be aiming for 600.

“The bar will be big and solid. It will be 11 metres and that’ll mean more whiskey. We’ll still do a lot more than just whiskey, but whiskey will be the strongest point.”

For anyone wanting to taste the cuisine of Red October, the restaurant will still be serving until the end of September.

Red October will cease trading on Saturday 26 September, until then, patrons looking for drinks are welcome for walk-ins. Make a booking if you’re looking to eat.

“We’ll be sure to have a nice big, safe, distance party. It’s not the ideal farewell, but we’ll try our best,” Tazhdynova laughs.

You can find Red October at 22 Gilbert Pl, Adelaide.

To make a booking, head to

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