‘Reflection of the Lotus’ – various artists

Refelctions of the LotusThe Art of Thailand, Burma, Cambodia and Laos

Art Gallery of South Australia, North Terrace, Adelaide

21 May – 4 July 2010
Gallery Hrs, Mon – Sun, 10 – 5pm

It is with great interest that I contemplate the gentle and creative, rich tradition which brings us this highly acclaimed exhibition, ‘Reflection of the Lotus’. The arrival of Buddhism in South East Asia in the early first millennium created a great surge of inspiration by artists overwhelmed by the Buddhist tradition, creating images of the Buddha, shrines, high-fired ceramics used in rituals, carvings, moulded pots from the Khmer Angkor period 802-1432 and exquisite Bowl with Lotus motif mid 15 century

The beautiful Standing Buddha, Konbaung Dynasty 1752-1885, Seated Buddha ‘calling the earth to witness’ 18 century and Standing Buddha 19 century, Shan States, are placed in an intimate small space where the elegance and serenity is exemplified through the stylised sculptured works, as if depicting the spirit within and the calmness and wisdom of the Buddha. The elongation of the hands and ears create a fluidity, which extends to the garments, perhaps representing the state of enlightenment. The exhibits are accompanied by informative text of their existence and the inspiration behind the work.

Reviewed by Gina De Pieri Salvi, Glam Adelaide Visual Art Critic

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