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Remy’s reveals their latest mouth-watering deep-dish special

Remy’s is combining the deliciously spicy, fresh and bursting flavours of Mexican food with deep-dish pizza for their latest mouth-watering chef special!

Image credit: Remy’s Deep Dish Pizza & Bar

Mexican and Italian fusion is going down at Remy’s Deep Dish Pizza & Bar and it sounds deliciosa! Their latest chef special tops all the ingredients you’d expect in a burrito on a deep-dish pizza base.

The pizza crust is filled with layers of gooey cheese, 24hr slow-cooked BBQ pulled pork, refried beans, and jalapenos. After the dish is cooked up it is topped with diced red onion, corn, black beans, guacamole, sour cream, and a corn chips for an extra crunchy texture.

The Rundle mall venue is combining the deliciously spicy, fresh and bursting flavours of Mexican food with the convenience and fun of a deep-dish pizza, we think you’ll want to head there fast to check it out.

The deep-dish pizza is essentially a pizza pie eaten with a knife and fork and is made to be shared amongst two to four people.

Remy’s Deep Dish Pizza & Bar opened in a hidden no fixed address lane in Rundle Mall early this year and spoke to Glam Adelaide at the time.

Josh Rivers is the brains behind iconic coffee and brunch destination C.R.E.A.M at Brighton and says Remy’s will similarly take inspiration from American cuisine.

“I never like to do things that have been done multiple times,” Josh says.

For this reason, he says Neapolitan pizza was out of the question for Remy’s, instead landing on deep-dish pizza.

“We cooked deep dish pizza at CREAM about three years ago … I thought I’d revisit it and give it another crack,” says Josh.

Josh reached out to the team behind Pequods, one of the most famous deep dish restaurants in America, and has since worked to refine Remy’s menu to produce “the most authentic version of deep-dish pizza I can offer.”

Their menu features adventurous dishes such as the spicy Fire Breather BBQ chicken dish and Cheese Burger Pizza. There are loads of vegan pizzas as well as sides to go along including garlic bread, fried mozzarella and fries.

As far as booze goes, there are a few on tap, and more available in cans, along with a full wine list, and some fun cocktails, including Hard Frozen Cola (yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like, frozen cola with a house spirit of your choosing).

Find Remy’s Deep Dish Pizza & Bar at 2-10 No Fixed Address Lane off of Rundle Mall, (formerly known as 2-10 Lindes Lane off of Rundle Mall)

Check out Remy’s on Facebook to find out more.

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