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Renowned Clare Valley restaurant to close its doors

SA’s dining scene has taken another hit with Terroir Auburn announcing their closure at the end of May. Read their statement here.

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Terroir Auburn, a true staple in the Clare Valley has announced they will be shutting their doors next month.

In yet another blow to the culinary scene, husband and wife Dan and Annika Moss announced the decison via social media, saying the decision was made on their own accord.

“We had been preparing to put our business on the market in recent months, but sadly were unable to secure the lease required to sell our business in its current format,” they said.

“With the lease expired, we have a choice, and we have made the very tough, emotional and correct decision to close the doors.

“We leave on our own accord, with our heads held high, and nothing left in the tank knowing we gave it our absolute all. I can’t begin to express how brutal and upsetting it has been to walk away from something we have poured our whole heart into over the last 11 years.”

Since their inception, the team have served up a truly seasonal representation of food and wine in the region. With a Parisian feel, Terroir’s rustic 19th-century building plays host to large windows and a sophisticated locavore dining experience. 

Dan and Annika also cited the current state of the industry, saying they did not wish for Terroir Auburn to become another casulty.

“The issues facing the hospitality industry are yet to be fully recognised by those decision makers at the top,” they said.

“We do food and beverage extremely well here in South Australia, it’s one of our states most important draw cards. To both the federal and state governments, please listen to our industry leaders, and help. Yes, we understand submarines are important, and maybe you can bring one of them with you, instead of the current bow and arrow you are bringing to a gun fight.

“We won’t be the only ones making this decision this year. Brilliant and very talented operators will be faced with this choice also, and we hope they have the courage to make the right business decision for their families.

“Our landlord has granted our wish to continue on until the end of May, so we can say goodbye to all our deeply valued customers, and not to mention our producers, who we will also dearly miss.

“We will be getting in touch with all reservations that have been made after the 31st of May, and full refunds will be made available to those guests that have pre-paid their stays in the guest suites. You will also have the option to roll your bookings over to the new accommodation operator.

“If you have a valid voucher for Terroir Auburn, please ensure you book in to redeem it prior to the 31st of May.

“On a personal note, I am deeply humbled and thankful for Terroir Auburn. It has given me the chance to live out my dream to open, and run, my very own restaurant. I have given it all I have, and more, at the expense of my wife, daughters, family and mates.

“To those close to me, I can’t thank you enough for the unconditional support over the past decade, and I’m very much looking forward to being able to spend more time with you all.

“To our team, past and present, immense gratitude for you coming on this ride with us. It’s impossible to thank you enough for all your talent and hard work. We love you as family.

“So, for now its farewell. We want to use the next 2 months as a celebration, and we hope to see all your beautiful faces sometime soon to help us send Terroir out with the bang she wholeheartedly deserves.”

Terroir Auburn
Where: 21 Main N Rd, Auburn SA 5451

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