Rescued Dogs Wanted To Feature In Fundraising Coffee Table Book

Rescued Dogs Wanted To Feature In Fundraising Coffee Table Book


We all love to hear the stories of rescue dogs — how they might have once been timid and nervous, but after a little bit of love, they become the most affectionate, loving four-legged friend.

You might have one of these stories! It’s something that should be shared with the world, so more people know the joys of rescue adoption. But you might be wondering how? Where?

Happy Tails is a photography book that showcases the stories of rescued dogs for the purpose of fundraising for the Animal Welfare League.

If you have an adopted rescue dog, you can register with The Photographyroom to be a part of Happy Tails Volume 2. Registration requires a $51 participation fee, all of which goes directly to the Animal Welfare League.

For your $51 donation, you get an hour photo session with your pooch where you’ll both be personally photographed by multi-award winning photographer, Mark Trumble of Photographyroom. You’ll also be featured in the book Happy Tails… Stories of Rescued Dogs!

If this is something you’re interested in being a part of, please keep in mind that registration closes on 30 April, so get in before then!

Register here!

After the close of registration, photo sessions can be held up to 30 June.

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