Review: 360 In Da House!

360 all ages show on Friday night at The Gov saw the hip hop superstar perform to a healthy mix of young and old fans. Cool, calm and collected was his persona on stage, and as always, it’s steady deliverance was consistent and certainly to no disappointment of anyone in the crowd, perhaps jealousy to some of the wannabe rappers out there. As for the man centre of stage, his verses were flawless and without so much as a single hiccup in error. He tore through song after song as if it were as simple as breathing air to him.

Experiencing 360 was interesting, his references to a corrupt past life and amazing natural storytelling ability makes him nothing less than absolutely inspirational and a true modern day natural poet. As an original musician his talent is undeniable, the resonation of his voice to a simple beat and the end result and outcome as an impressive and complete song is nothing short of amazing. With an incredible resume behind him of working with artists such as Silverchair (and Australias) very own Daniel Johns, as well as the jaw dropping vocalist Gossling. PEZ joined him on stage at one point during 360’s set to spit sh*t on their collaborated and combined effort on the song “Live It Up”.

He performed classic songs such as : ‘Boys like you’, ‘Way Out’ , ‘Still Rap’, and the fans were immersed by and absolutely loved each and every track played. Backed with a new live DJ who kept the decks spinning. The crowd was absolutely enthralled by both his stage presence and the good vibes he radiated; he said dance, they danced, he said put your arms up, they threw their arms up in delight, he said jump, they said ‘How high?’ – not really, but if he did they would have done just exactly he said, like the god he seems to have become.

PEZ who played before 360 had failed to keep it PG, and upped the ante to at least MA 15+ on more than one instance. But that’s cool isn’t it parents? Some did not seem impressed. That said PEZ had a great stage presence and interacted well with fans. He was beaming with a great positive vibe and backed it with sick flow, rhymes and skill, with a competent DJ to back him.

The opening act, Adelaide’s very own K21 did a wicked job at warming the crowd up. He was slick, cool in appearance, and had a big sound. Definitely worth checking out for those of you into hearing something by an artist more close to home.

The most inspiring part of the whole show was the diversity of the crowd, young to old and the minimal issues that happened, security was on top of everything and the venue deserves to be commended for that. Bad vibes were simply thrown out the window by positive staff and that made a great, consistent, almost but not quite family friendly environment. In addition to this, during each one of PEZ and 360’s sets, they would give credit to a kid in the crowd who would recite all the lyrics in the song just played that they noticed or who exerted extra energy.

With an adults only show on Monday night coming up as well, 360 just keeps on spinning in the heads of fans and listeners across the globe, and I believe will continue to do so for some time.

Review by Jonathan Matthews




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