Review: A Day On The Green Featuring Something For Kate

Review: A Day On The Green Featuring Something For Kate

The Day on the Green featuring Something For Kate delivered with a classic Aussie line-up out in the picturesque setting of Peter Lehmann vineyards.


As I was preparing myself for a trip down memory lane, I was reminiscing about Saturday morning “Recovery” sessions and was getting prepped for what was sure to be a cracker day. What could be better than rocking out to some classic Aussie music in the picturesque setting of the Peter Lehmann vineyard?

The line-up was looking good. A reminder of the 90’s Uni gigs, festivals and Summer fun. A massive fan of pop-rock in my youth, I had already seen Spiderbait and Jebediah several times, so I set my expectations high for a good show. An admirer of the moody and seductive voice of Paul Dempsey, I was confident that Something for Kate would dominate the stage. But, it was Aussie rock legends, You am I, that had me intrigued. I had never seen them live and was nervous about the dishevelled Tim Rogers. Arguably one of the country’s best songwriters, he is a surprise package and you don’t know what you’re going to get. Arrogant, flamboyant, and often hostile with the crowd, but I had been assured by an allegiance of Timmy fans that he would deliver.

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With a shuttle bus organised, I was set for a fantastic day. It was unfortunate that the bus was late and I missed the majority of the first band to hit the stage, The Meanies. I saw their last 2 songs, and they had the crowd going. As a late arrival, I was more interested in the amazing food and wine offering, nothing like I remember when I went to gigs back in the school days.

Jebediah hit the stage. They were fast, fun and smashed it out. The atmosphere was electric and people were standing up, off their chairs and blankets, totally getting into it. Kevin Mitchell, Jeb’s frontman, seemed in awe of the lineup, stating “four of Australia’s greatest bands and us. Don’t know how it happened, but it did!” It was obvious why they made the lineup, they totally rock out and had the audience absolutely pumping to crowd pleasers Harpoon, Animal and Leaving Home. They were the perfect band to tease the crowd and amped them up for Spiderbait.

Hitting the stage next was Spiderbait. With drinks flowing, the crowd was gearing up in anticipation. They were loud, their energy was infectious, and they definitely set the pace as the party band for the day. Crowd enthusiast and vocalist, Kram screamed out classic favourites Shazam! And Buy me a Pony, but it was Janet’s cover of 99 Luftballons that resonated well with me. It was soft, subtle, and the perfect lead-in to Black Betty, which was again smashed out by Kram. Nothing short of awesome! The only thing Spiderbait could be accused of was perhaps too much banter and not enough playing. We all just wanted to hear more!

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The Peter Lehmann Chardonnay Pinot Noir Cuvée was going down nicely and I was well lubricated by the time Timmy was due to hit the stage. The MC was gearing the crowd up again and prepping us for the “You Am I experience!” And, I have to admit, it really was! The band approached the stage in matching blue suits, a horn section and even backup singers. These guys meant business. I’m not sure if was the mature-aged crowd or the winery setting, but Tim Rogers seemed calm, in control, comfortable, and happy to be playing “the most beautiful, perfect location”. Clearly well-rehearsed, they played a tight set. Smashing out classics like Cathy’s Clown and Berlin Chair. It was pure rock and roll and the crowd were loving it! My favourite track of the day had to be Ramble, which had me literally jumping around like a teenage girl at a One Direction concert. Did I mention I got to boogie on down to a little Nutbush City Limits? I have to say, I was more than impressed. You Am I certainly delivered the goods.

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The sun was setting and the mood of the crowd was mellowing. The line-up at the bar was long and people getting upset when drinks stopped being served at 8:30pm. It was not looking good. Something For Kate was the headline act of the day and they hit the stage, strong and powerful. The band’s chemistry radiated off the stage as they played a mixture of old and new indie rock tracks. The amazing lighting effects complimented Paul Dempsey’s unmistakable voice and the band’s unique sound. Whilst the stage was exploding with intensity, during favourites Monsters and Say Something, it was incredibly disappointing to witness streams of people packing up their rugs and chairs and leaving. It led me to wonder, did the bar close too early? Or perhaps Something For Kate isn’t as popular in South Australia? Either way, I was most certainly impressed with their performance and gutted when they abruptly finished their set and left the stage. I was on a high and just wanted more.

All in all, a bloody great day!

Review by Sophie Liddy

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