Review: Adelaide Festival Centre ‘Sessions’

sessions-web-760x380The perfect way to gear up before Festival February truly swamps us Adelaide arts lovers, I somehow networked my way into seeing French acts ‘Revolver’ and ‘Nadeah’, the latter a runaway word-of-mouth hit at 2012 Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

Ushered down to the cabaret seating in Space Theatre at the Adelaide Festival Centre, Revolver kicked off with their charming set that moved seamlessly between upbeat numbers mixing their fantastic three-way harmonies and Beatles-esque beauties that you simply had to sit down for. You can certainly see how their self-declared influences of the Fab Four, Radiohead, The Kinks has translated into their part-country, part-underground soul vibe (with a Wolfmother look to go with!) With a superb a capella encore this band certainly cemented themselves in the hearts of the Adelaide audience. Although a few of us grew restless at some songs stretching as the three Frenchmen really explored the emotions in the songs from their two albums and EPs.

After a break for dumplings, it’s back for Nadeah and a noticeable increase in audience numbers which led to this reviewer taking pride of place on the floor! I think all our expectations were high, and dare I say we left more perplexed than impressed. What we received was an incredibly varied performance by a beautifully voiced woman who simply couldn’t make her mind up re genre. Opening with “I Met a Man with a Crack Pipe and a Gun”, and delighting us with other such numbers as “I Drink Pinot Noir and Poetry for My Breakfast” and “Stumbling”, Nadeah showed an ability to humour, emote, inspire and intrigue with equal parts lyrical innovation, raw nerve vocals, and beautiful melodies as assisted by her multicultural band.

‘Sessions’ are an initiative of Adelaide Festival Centre as a means of introducing Adelaide to some of the best intimate live acts the world over has to offer. Casual and contemporary, it’s the perfect way to spend our summer nights-especially as they’ve been particularly balmy of late! Be sure to grab a few friends, a few Sav Blancs and the wicked vego pizza at the bar!

Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre
4 January – 9 February
Tickets $25. Discounts for selected performances. Book at BASS

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