Review: Alison Wonderland @ Thebarton Theatre

Friday November 23 was the day. The day that the queen of hearts herself, Alison Wonderland, graced the stage of Adelaide’s own Thebarton Theatre, supported by the talented Manu Crooks.

Friday November 23 was the day. The day that the queen of hearts herself, Alison Wonderland, graced the stage of Adelaide’s own Thebarton Theatre, supported by the talented Manu Crooks.

Manu Crooks played to a filling room, pumping mellow beats that had everyone bouncing along in time with the music. Smoke filled the room, making for a lazy, dancey vibe; it was a mystery as to who was standing next to you, with everyone vibing in unity.

Upbeat tunes kept the audience happily entertained while they waited for the headliner, Alison Wonderland. By the end of his set, the room was almost full, and the anticipation for the headlining act was at a peak.

After a brief break, Alison Wonderland burst onto stage. She emerged through the cloud of smoke up onto a podium, queen of her own castle and her fans hearts, sending everyone down the rabbit hole with her hit ‘I Want U’. The room filled instantly as her bassy beats pumped through the sticky floorboards, already drenched in booze.

Fans danced as she kept the beats pumping with her remixes of Better Now by Post Malone, then I Can’t Stop by Flux Pavilion. A majorly impressive light show filled the space above the dance floor as ‘Cinema by Calvin Harris blared through  . Laser lights bounced from every surface, much like the people on the dance floor as Alison Wonderland delivered hit after hit. She featured remixes of songs such as her hits ‘Run’ and ‘Sometimes Love Just Isn’t Enough’, ‘Right Here, Right Now’ by Fatboy Slim, ‘Like a Light’ By Travis Scott ft. Drake,   even dropped ‘Killing In The Name’ by Rage Against The Machine, blasting beat after beat with transitions smoother than a shot of straight whiskey.

People were climbing onto each other’s shoulders, and the room was packed to the brim with gyrating bodies. Heavy bass resonated through the ground, levitating dancers from the floor, or so it seemed…or maybe that was just the large amount of Jack Daniel’sand Smirnoff Double Blacks that had been consumed by the crowd.

About half way through the show, Alison was backed by the image of a full red moon, looking somewhat similar the full moon that was hanging in the sky at the time. She had the whole audience’s arms swaying to bass heavy bangers, pumping awesome tunes to an eager audience, while even more laser lights put on a show for her adoring subjects.

She spoke to the crowd every couple of songs, thanking them for coming to see her, and dedicating a song to anyone who was going through a rough time. At one point she even mentioning an artist that she really looks up to, and had the pleasure of working with on one of her songs, Chief Keef. All the while, she threw out consistent beats that kept the crowd dancing and smiling throughout the entire set. At times she picked up the pace to double time, and then dropped it back to the perfect dance tempo. The crowd were loving the colourful strobe lights that bounced through the air as Alison played a huge range of familiar dance tunes, which kept the mass of bodies below her inconstant motion, grinning with glee. Towards the end of her magnificent set,Alison Wonderland came down from her tower and got on worked the mic for a few songs, blowing everyone away with her voice.

The merch stand had some really cool T-Shirts, which were selling like hotcakes, but I didn’t notice any other types of merch available.The venue, as usual, was great, and the staff were helpful and friendly.

Overall, the night was great, and the audience seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. By the end of Alison Wonderland’s set, there was a huge sense of satisfaction in the room, and I’m sure there are many people who are eagerly awaiting her return.

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