Review: AMC Rocks Around The Mortlock!

Review: AMC Rocks Around The Mortlock!

After a sensational first year, the Adelaide Music Collective got back to what it does best with a unique twist to their well polished format of Sessions to promote the ‘Yesterday’s Heroes’ Exhibition in the adjacent Institute Building.


1544470_10152982378572526_8606135750485289091_nAfter a sensational first year, the Adelaide Music Collective got back to what it does best with a unique twist to their well polished format of Sessions to promote the ‘Yesterday’s Heroes‘ Exhibition in the adjacent Institute Building. Firstly though, having attended the opening of the amazingly detailed exhibition, I can attest that it is well curated and holds a myriad of memories from Adelaide’s musical past. You may even see yourself in one of the many historic pictures adorning the walls. Have a look at what we thought of the Yesterday’s Heroes’ display here.

Held at the State Library’s pristine Mortlock Chamber, this sold-out session featured brief musical appearances by 12 local acts both old and new, and also held an induction into the SA Music Hall Of Fame. The ‘Unplugged’ feel to the evening hosted by APRA/AMCOS Chief Gary Burrows was more than appropriate, as the acoustics and intimacy of the venue wouldn’t have suited the usual full band set up as per other sessions. Not only was the literary history in the room overwhelming, but the centuries of collective South Australian musical experience that took to the stage was further testament to our rightful place as a pioneering city bursting with creativity.

With apologies from billed acts John Baker and Rob Riley who were both unwell, the remaining 12 exceptional acts were on form as they played a single song each to an appreciative, discerning audience. It’s important to acknowledge each of the acts who came and donated their time and experience, as they have been stalwart supporters of the Adelaide Music industry and have been selfless in helping the AMC achieve its vision.
The artists and songs in order of appearance were:

Doug AshdownWinter In America

BrilligBallad Of The Ryman

Peter CombeThings I Say (or Thay!)

The TwilightsNeedle In A Haystack

Vincent’s ChairThat’s The Way I Am

John SchumannScots Of the Riverina

A brief interval and the induction part of the evening saw Blues/Guitar virtuoso Gwyn Ashton receiving his Medallion and name on the Roll Of Honour. He was joined on stage by his proud father, who spoke of his son’s humble beginnings and early settler connection to South Australia. Ashton’s idol Chris Finnen awarded the medallion and officially inducted Ashton into the Hall Of Fame, and then Ashton proceeded to show us why he was worthy of his place with a classy blues number accompanied by AMC founder Enrico Morena on snare.

A number of interesting comments were made during the night, and none more important than that from Gary Burrows when he stated that “if more commercial radio stations played local music instead of solely international artists and pop, it would provide greater stimulus and opportunities for our aspiring artists”.  (Editor: Should any radio executives or people of influence be reading this, please give this sentiment some thought, as we have so much talent out there waiting to be found and that needs nurturing.)

The second group of acts were:

The BeggarsGoodnight My Love

Bev Harrell– Mon Père

Master’s ApprenticesWars Or Hands Of Time

The TimbersInches East

Chris FinnenTrouble No More

John & Sam BrewsterWould You Do It Again?

In a line up spanning over 50 years of performing (1965-2015) there was little to be seen in terms of precious, frail egos, but instead a spirit of unity. The Adelaide Music Collective has achieved that one thing missing from many organisations these days, and that is a real family environment. As Chris Finnen so eloquently put it- “This is a bunch of people and musicians breaking bread together.”

Amen to that!

Not only are they talking the talk, but they are walking the walk as a place of musical sustenance and supplication for those in there twilight years and for those who are emerging.

This year there will be a further six sessions held bi-monthly, and whilst the SA Music Hall Of Fame looks for a permanent location, you can catch the Yesterday’s Heroes Exhibition until March 22. Great news is that it’s FREE and will feature key music identities in weekly Q and A Sessions. More details here:

The next AMC session is one of the most exciting, and will feature Archie Roach, Mark Holden, and a posthumous induction for Ruby Hunter so get in fast, these events sellout quickly!


Reviewed by Dazz Hassan



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