Review: Amy Shark And Vance Joy At Superloop Adelaide 500

Amy Shark and Vance Joy show yet again why they are best touring together in a spectacular show to open the Superloop 500 concert series.

First night of the Superloop 500 concert series and they weren’t holding anything back!

Running off the energy from the roaring V8s, the musical acts for the Superloop 500 were keeping the train a rollin’. Sprirts were high and good vibes were being spread, an excellent choice was made to bring these two in to start things off on the right foot.

First of all, Amy Shark and Vance Joy have toured quite extensively in the past. This shows in how well the acts go from one to the other. It doesn’t feel like one opening for the other. It feels like Amy Shark and Vance Joy. That said, one started and the other finished so how did they fare altogether?

Massive props to Amy Shark for pulling out the fantastic performance she did. Things were starting to cool down a touch when Amy opened with ‘I got you’, but it was still daylight and roughly 30-35 degrees. She took it like a champ though and never showed any signs of slowing down.

She continued on with songs like ‘Psycho’ and even a ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ cover and at no point did her energy, charisma, stage presence or interaction with the crowd falter.

She gave everything she had on stage as a real genuine and authentic person. I think it’s this trait which is Amy and Vance’s closest similarity. She was a touch pitchy towards the end but I attribute this to fatigue, even after night fall there was still quite the warm breeze. Amy knows how to be an opener for sure. She ended with ‘Adore’ and ‘I said Hi’ back to back, wanting to get the crowd as hype as possible for Vance Joy.

Which brings us to Vance. Oh boy, does this man know how to hold a crowd. He opened with ‘Call me if you need me’ followed by ‘Mess is Mine’. Two solid songs to open with.

At some point I was waiting for him to slide some lesser known tracks in there and mellow everyone out. Nope. Everyone was hooked to every word the entire night. The atmosphere helped immensely: families and friends in an open and not particularly crowded setting. All you had to worry about was enjoying the show.

Vance Joy played a plethora of hit songs, always giving the crowd little stories and tid-bits in between. He probably has about three or four guitars he switches between depending on what the song requires, however, until proven otherwise, I’m going to believe he has 15 guitars at each and every show. which he disposes of after they fulfil their one song life span. That’s a more amusing image. Prove me wrong, Vance.

A lone man on stage with a voice and guitar, Vance Joy had everyone enthralled for the hour.

Finishing off with ‘Saturday Sun’ followed by ‘Lay it on Me’, Vance did nothing but play his very best songs which is just how the Superloop 500 concert should be.

Thanks to Amy Shark and Vance Joy to coming out into the heat and making it all bearable and fun!

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