Fringe Review: Ben Hart – The Nutshell

This is a whole lot more than just a magic show.

Review: Ben Hart - The Nutshell

Reviewed at Studio 7, Garden of Unearthly Delights on February 19.

It’s been almost 24 hours and I’m still wracking my brain about what exactly went down at The Nutshell, Ben Hart’s tour de force magic show, last night.

Ben’s captivating – not only as a magician, but as a storyteller, and it’s obvious he’s passionate about his craft. His day job is inventing magic and he creates tricks for shows on London’s West End – so most of the show is the kind of magic you’re unlikely to have seen anywhere else.

More than just a series of tricks, the show follows a storyline, with a narrative that bumps and weaves. It takes some bizarre turns at times, venturing into seemingly unrelated territory, but like all good magic, things find their way back together. 

And boy does it all come together. I’d never ruin the show, but let’s just say, make sure you remember to retrieve your jaw from the ground before exiting the tent.

Just a warning – there is a part of the show that’s a bit rough if you’re squeamish. Ben gives plenty of warning to look away – but trust me, if you can handle it, don’t.

Reviewed by Jil Hogan

Venue: Studio 7, Garden of Unearthly Delights

Season: Until March 17

Duration: 60mins

Tickets: $25 – $34

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