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Review: Bourgeois and Maurice – Sugartits – 2013 Adelaide Cabaret Festival

Presented by Adelaide Cabaret Festival
Reviewed Friday 14 June 2013

Comedy cabaret is almost always refreshingly fun but UK brother/sister act Georgeois Bourgeios (performer George Heyworth) and Maurice Maurice (Liv Morris) take the proverbial line and nudge it that little bit closer to bad taste without ever quite crossing over. The result is a raucously funny evening of scintillating scandal.

She’s an emo musician, reminiscent of the mumbling Patsy from TV’s Absolutely Fabulous: tall and leggy with a bouffant hairstyle extending her height. He’s an energetic gay boy who bounces around the stage on lead vocals. Together, they interact beautifully with the audience, their quick wit and cheek never flailing.

Their songs push the boundaries and leave nothing sacred yet their comedy is observational and timely, with sharp commentary on the world around us. Whether they’re insisting that (climate) change is good, or asking children “Do you like that little bit of Ritalin we gave you?”, each number is played for laughs but carries strong messages. “Goodbye Europe” speaks for itself, while Tax Me makes for some erotic economics. They sing about taking responsibility for yourself, social media, double standards, and the UK phone scandal in “Privacy’s for Paedos”.

Heyworth and Morris are both master comedians with fine voices. Furthermore, Heyworth’s fluid dance moves are only matched by his crazy costumes, while Morris is just as delightful on piano, melodica and guitar.

With their 15 June performance sold out, there’s only one more chance to see this exclusive Adelaide season. To miss it, would be the only thing more scandalous than their songs.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis

Venue: Artspace, Adelaide Festival Centre
Season: 14-16 June 2013
Duration: 70 minutes
Tickets: $29.90 – $44.90
Bookings: Book at BASS


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