Review: DZ Deathrays At The Gov

Review: DZ Deathrays At The Gov

DZ Deathrays performed at the Gov in Adelaide on Friday May the fourth as part of the Bloody Lovely tour to promote their recently released album.


DZ Deathrays performed at the Gov in Adelaide on Friday May the fourth as part of the Bloody Lovely tour to promote their recently released album. It was a bloody powerful show that certainly would have lead any listener to believe that the force was with the bands playing that night *star wars pun*. From start to finish it was good vibes all around in the air, as well as the occasional hint of whacky tobacco as well every now and then, while absolutely amazing live music was blasting loudly by the bands on stage. All the bands were incredibly talented, they totally killed it and gave it their all up there, it was bloody impressive and led to a sh*t tonne of headbanging by everyone in the super pleased crowd.

Opening acts included fantastic lesser-known but still equally as passionate new talent on the scene such as the opening act Boat Show, who delivered a solid performance and created a sense of anticipation for the other performers yet to make an appearance on stage. They showed off their own unique style of punchy punk rock, which was performed with great energy on stage. They were followed by These New South Wales, who had an incredible set and domineered the crowd with raw power. These New South Wales had a great punk rock anti-everything approach to their performance and they put on an amazing show, despite their set time being cut a little short. They are a four piece band, the guitarist proudly wore a some what see through fish net shirt and wielded a white Fender Telecaster guitar with black highlights as his axe of choice, he played it exceptionally well with plenty of intricate yet not too intricate at all solos in more than just one song. The singer had an amazing stage presence and all the members were dressed to match one another very well, albeit somewhat scantily in the way that all members (excluding previously mentioned guitarist) were shirtless, wearing dress pants, and had tape over their nipples. For modesty, obviously. The singer was very involving and lured in the crowd with his strong vibes. He was bold with a definite ‘F**k Off’ attitude, and managed to capture the crowd by interacting with them, climbing barriers and reaching out to the audience, even by making a point with a classic Mic drop. The crowd was definitely warmed up and ready to mosh after these guys, and the energy in the room was at a peaking high.

Clowns come on next and brought an intense energy with them, their performance was amazing, and they totally rocked the room. They had heads banging from their first song, and they were still banging until the very end of their last, just more of them. Clowns featured two great guitarists who were playing Gibson brand weapons of choice and they also had an incredible bass player who had an amazing sound, a real crunchy tone, which went down a treat with her diverse appearance, compared to the rest of the lads. This ladette played her instrument with confidence and style and certainly seemed like more of a lead guitarist than a bassist. Her performance, along with the band as a whole, was very impressive. The crowd was really getting into the mosh, and the lead singer revved up the crowd by reaching out to them and just getting crazy and jumping around on stage. Their tunes were punchy and grungy, with strong bass undertones. By the end of their set, the crowd was moshing and cheering, brimming with excitement for the final act.

DZ Deathrays finally graced the stage, and the audience was more than welcoming. The sold out crowd had been eagerly waiting, and DZ Deathrays dished out a show that will not soon be forgotten. It was high octane from beginning to end. The trio dished out some amazing psychedelic goodness for their avid fans, playing both old and new songs, with plenty of bangers such as the addictive “Shred For Summer” and other greats. In perfect style they saved the very best for last, a song many had been waiting for “Gina Works at Hearts” and the fans watching and listening in awe naturally lost their minds. It was impressive to see the volume of patrons alert and attentive to the group they had been waiting to see, the whole room was absolutely packed to the brim. The mosh became insane, a mess of hair and limbs, and there were crowd-surfers everywhere.

Overall, the night was definitely one to be remembered. There were lots of smiles, lots of singing, and even more moshing. It was a great atmosphere, and the night went off without a hitch.

Review by Jonathan Matthews

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