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Review: Homemade Fusion – 2013 Cabaret Fringe Festival

Presented by Cabaret Fringe Festival
Reviewed Friday 21st June 2013

It is great to find something new and a little different. Homemade Fusion is just that – not only good, but also packed with home-made talent! Each of the performers has established themselves in musicals and cabaret on the Adelaide scene, but together they are dynamite.

From the opening number “I Will Be Me” they establish a rapport with the audience that grows through the performance. Each artist has their moment and a chance to shine. Rachel Rai gave us “Oh Henry”, an ode to a chocolate bar, and “Sherman and Madeline”, which showed an entirely different side to her character! David Salter took us from an exploration of what he can do alone (imagination was not really required) to the poignant “Walking Alone”. Claire McEvoy took us along as she explored “I Think He Likes Me” and then with David gave us the hilarious “The Temp and the Receptionist”. The fourth member, the ever-reliable Brady Lloyd, showed us “Lucy’s Laugh”, a lovely love song, then contrasted it with “To Excess”, a song for stalkers if ever there was one. The strongest memory however, is of the emotion in “Lost in the Waves” which almost brought me to tears!

All this was supported by an excellent ensemble lead by Aaron Nash on keys, who doubled as musical director. Luke Ciaramella on Guitar, Milush Piochaud on bass, Matt Crago on drums and Seb Mansell on cello made up the group, all blending beautifully, Milush even coping with minor electrical problems without missing a beat. All was kept under control by audio engineer Rodney Hutton in what is becoming one of my favourite venues for cabaret.

Reviewed by Fran Edwards

Venue: TACSI, 279 Flinders Street
Season: 19-22 June 2013
Duration: 70 mins

Disclosure: Fran Edwards is related to the audio engineer Rodney Hutton


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