Review: Hoosegow’s Dia De Muertos Foodie Fiesta

Forget Halloween, we experienced Hoosegow’s amazing Dia de Muertos menu and we loved it…

Hoosegow have taken Halloween and given it a fantastic Mexican twist with a special four-course meal to celebrate Dia de Muertos. Delivering amazing charcoal food with a flair for delicious flavours and gorgeous presentation all to the lively songs and dances from Alma Flamenca… Hoosegow have really kicked it up a notch this Dia de Muertos!

Hoosegow's wonderful staff!

Hoosegow’s wonderful staff!

Dia de Muertos or Day of the Dead, is a Mexican holiday over Halloween where the lives of the dead are celebrated with food, drink, parties, and activities. And boy, Hoosegow bought the party atmosphere to life with singing and dancing through the restaurant, and we’re not just talking about the professionals from Alma Flamenca!

Of course, we couldn’t talk about an event dinner at Hoosegow without mentioning the amazing food served over four courses with some delightful Mexican inspired cocktails to help us through the arduous task (NOT) of making our way through the menu.

Uno Photo by Hoosegow

Uno. Photo by Hoosegow.

Uno comprised of a jamón serrano salad, combining the wonderfully summery flavours of jamón serrano, rock melon, rocket, and manchego cheese with a balsamic glaze. The ultimate first course, this dish gave us the taste of some really fresh flavours to awaken our tastebuds. It is fair to say we were left in mouth watering anticipation for numero dos.

Dos kicked up the meal like a flamenco dancer kicks up her heels! The Hoose kitchen tapas selection showcased seared chorizo in a mulled wine syrup, patatas bravas, and salmon and prawn arancini. All of this deliciousness was made even better by the appearance of the confit garlic aioli that accompanies the tapas selection. We were in platter heaven.

Dos Photo by Hoosegow

Dos. Photo by Hoosegow

With not one, but two entrée courses you’d be forgiven for needing a short break before diving into tres. Once again, a share plate (did we mention how much we love share plates?), tres was a meat course with not uno, not dos, but tres kinds of meat. All charcoal cooked with different (and amazing) seasonings, a vegetarian’s heaven Hoosegow is not (although in saying that, their Spring/Summer menu has some delish vegetarian options). Chicken, beef, and pork all served with charred corn, dirty rice, and Mexican street slaw! It was enough food for a meal unto itself, but it was too good not to devour and look for more…

Dia de Muertos Chefs! Photo by Hoosegow

Dia de Muertos Chefs! Photo by Hoosegow.

Three meals and a few cocktails later we come to quatro, the sweet, sweet ending to a stunning performance. The combination of Mexican rice pudding, charred pineapple with caramel and some delightful icy Day of the Dead treats were the perfect, refreshing end to a phenomenal party.

Hoosegow sure knows how to do events in a special way. Sadly Dia de Muertos is over for another year and now we’re left counting down the days until next year’s party. But luckily for us (and you) Hoosegow’s kitchen serves up a whole bunch of charcoal deliciousness throughout the year. Thank goodness for that!


419 Magill Road, St Morris
Tuesday – Sunday 5pm until late
08 8332 6599

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