Review: Laneway Festival Adelaide With Gang Of Youths And More

Photography by Jonathan James, @jonnojames on Instagram.

Indie festival and now international drawcard, Laneway Festival, brought in another year of local and international artists that Adelaide flocked to Port Adelaide to see.

Walking from the Ethelton train stop to Hart’s Mill, the whole of Port Adelaide was vibrating from the excitement and anticipation from the groups making their way to Laneway.

Photo Credit: @jonnojames

Laneway is one of the most popular Adelaide festivals but it is perhaps the only with a niche audience lineup that draws in a crowd with such a variety of age groups. Families intermingled with freshly turned 18 ravers and the setup was made to welcome both.

G Flip, Photo Credit: @jonnojames
Ruby Fields, Photo Credit: @jonnojames

Major kudos to be given to the Laneway coordinators, with numerous bars and food trucks on offer, all of which accepted eftpos. As well as a host of police officers and security patrolling to keep those who party on the heavier side, safe. And it’s always good to see them having a dance with festival goers.

Skeggs, Photo Credit: @jonnojames
Smino, Photo Credit: @jonnojames

The lineup this year really brought in an eclectic mix of indie acts. From US singer/songwriter Clairo whose first time in Australia has been a major success. On the Lion Flour stage, Clairo gave us a fantastic live performance of Pretty Girl.

Some interesting choices in sets with Methyl Ethel choosing to not play their biggest hit Twilight Driving. Regardless, their live rendition of Idée Fixe got the whole crowd singing along.

Methyl Ethel, Photo Credit: @jonnojames

Highly anticipated, British crooner, Alex aka Rex Orange County also debuting in Australia drew in a huge crowd. Making sure beloved hit Loving Is Easy came at the right time to get the whole crowd going.

Rex Orange County, Photo Credit: @jonnojames

Aussie natives, Smith Street Band and Middle Kids both festival regulars brought in the best of what we expect. The former singing some favourite from their latest album More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me and the latter with debut album Lost Friends.

Smith Street Band, Photo Credit: @jonnojames
Middle Kids, Photo Credit: @jonnojames
Middle Kids, Photo Credit: @jonnojames

Courtney Barnett was one of the headliners and it’s clear that a huge number of attendees were there for her. Her raw vocals translated in real life just as it does on record when she crooned Nameless, Faceless and Need a Little Time.

Courtney Barnett, Photo Credit: @jonnojames

Jamaican American sax player, Masego, knew how to throw the crowd into gear and his set on the Lnwy.co displayed the best of mixing R&B, hip-hop and dance. Closing on Navajo was a guaranteed good time.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest highlights of Laneway, Sydney DJ What So Not turned Hart’s Mill into a rave ground with a spectacular performance.

What So Not, Photo Credit: @jonnojames
What So Not, Photo Credit: @jonnojames

Laneway closed with Gang of Youths and in theme, after a rousing set that envigorated the crouwd, they closed with Say Yes To Life and a storm of confetti which burst from the stage and rained down on the visibly enthused goers.

Gang of Youths, Photo Credit: @jonnojames
Gang of Youths, Photo Credit: @jonnojames
Gang of Youths, Photo Credit: @jonnojames
Gang of Youths, Photo Credit: @jonnojames

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