Review: Oh Ricky, You’re So Fine!

Lights blinded, dancers dazzled, and the Latin beats grew as an eager crowd awaited Ricky Martin on Tuesday night thanks to Visa Entertainment

Photography by John Goodridge

Photography by John Goodridge

Reviewed by Nicola Woolford

Lights blinded, dancers dazzled, and the Latin beats grew as an eager crowd awaited Ricky Martin on Tuesday night thanks to Visa Entertainment. The Adelaide Entertainment Centre was thrumming with anticipation as the he finally descended from a platform on high.

He gave a sheepish grin as he greeted the crowd. “I came here to just be happy,” he explained. “Can we be happy for the next two hours, Adelaide? Let’s allow ourselves to be free.” He approached each song as an excuse to keep the party going – and I believe that, had there been enough room for an open dance floor, the concert would have continued into the small hours.

The effortlessly charismatic performer captivated the crowd with sensuous choreography and infectious rhythms. Few bottoms remained on their seats for Shake Your Bon-Bon and Livin’ La Vida Loca, or his soulful and sultry rendition of She Bangs.

Martin treated his fans to grand spectacles including giant movable LED screens, multiple wardrobe changes – one of which took place on the backseat of a vintage Ford that soared above the stage – and a full band complete with keytar and brass section that brought his well-loved songs to life.

Martin invited Jackson Thomas onto the stage for two duets – Be Careful and She’s All I Ever Had. Thomas’ emotive tenor complimented the song choices perfectly. It is rare to find an artist so happy to share the spotlight. Martin next invited opening artist Delta Goodrem back onto the stage. After a passionate performance of Private Emotion, Goodrem sang an impromptu chorus of “Hey Ricky, you’re so fine” that the audience quickly picked up. The two walked off stage together arm in arm – the chemistry and camaraderie between them evident.

Martin’s final song, La Copa de la Vide, came as a bittersweet farewell, though the energy and rhythm he inspired would follow the audience home.

Delta Goodrem was a captivating opening act – walking casually onto the stage and immediately throwing off her heels with a relieved sigh. She wore an eye catching black mini-dress, embellished with golden beads that made her shine and twinkle in the spotlights. She played a chic white piano with irresistible energy. Later explaining as she danced and jived around the stage – “I take my job as a hype girl very seriously!” She treated the gathering crowd to new material and past favourites, including a mature yet passionate medley of Born to Try and Lost Without You. She continued with Believe Again and an enlivened performance of Innocent Eyes, which won enthusiastic applause.

Martin performed in a universal language of sex appeal and rhythm, transforming the disparate crowd into a community with his music. That is the true meaning of his One World tour!

Reviewed by Nicola Woolford

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