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REVIEW: Peking Duk Electrifies Adelaide

Performing some of their newbies as well as the oldies, the crowd can confirm that these guys know how to make contagious and irresistible music and deliver it to a crowd with passion and energy.


All Images by Jonathan James,@trapdoorproject on Instagram.

It was Friday May 3 when Australian electronic music duo Peking Duk performed their 13th show of the tour at Thebarton Theatre. For some, the combination of ‘Friday’ and ’13’ might mean bad luck. But for Adelaide audiences, it felt anything but.

The first of two support acts hit the stage just after 8pm. Kira Puru brought the party to the gradually building crowd with her incredible vocals and funky beats. Labelled as pop/goth/disco and likened to the vocals of Amy Winehouse and Adele, Puru looks to be a true talent within the Australian music scene (Peking Duk even said so themselves).

Image by Jonathan James

Kira performed her poppy songs which explored relationship themes as well as the inevitability of dying. She finished with her newest song, leaving crowd completely buzzing.

Image by Jonathan James

Next up with Australian rapper, Kwame. Crowned Tripe j Unearthed’s Artist Of The Year last year, Kwame brought his high performance energy and cool beats to Adelaide. There was no denying the Western Sydney-based rapper knew how to start a party.

Image by Jonathan James

Crowds awaited as the crew on stage uncovered plants. It was just after 9.40pm that the sound of heavy rain and thunder began, followed by the Universal Studios introduction. The jungle was here.

Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles appeared. Each standing on seperate sides with their own pianos, guitars and mixers, the flashing lights started and the two artists began the party with Fake Magic.

Image by Jonathan James

Performing at Adelaide’s HQ previously, this was their first time at the Thebbie. And they brought it.

Up on stage with them was a drummer and Australian singer, Michaela Baranov, also known as The Baroness. Her stunning vocals left crowds mesmerised.

Image by Jonathan James
Image by Jonathan James

Next up was Wasted followed by Sugar. Adam and Hyde were alive with energy, grooving like only they can. The stage’s jungle set was a sight to behold, especially when fiery flames lit up from the end on the stage.

Adelaide born-and-bred singer Chris Sebastian emerged on stage to perform Say My Name alongside Kwame. This was followed by Peking Duk’s newest banger, Ur Eyez.

Image by Jonathan James

The Baroness returned to the stage to perform Let You Down, followed by one of their older songs, Feels Like.

Adam took his shirt off and skulled a beer (alongside Reuben) as crowds chanted. The two also entertained us with a comical ribbon dance performance, set to the tune of emotional music.

Distant Arizon was then performed, with red moody lighting. This was followed by the two guys strumming their guitar and walking around the stage with The Way You Are.

Image by Jonathan James

Rueben and The Baroness moved to the top of the stage, where there was hope for a more slower, heartfelt performance. The Adelaide crowd was already too far invested in the party spirit, wanting to clap along. The two performers brought the people back to a more emotional level with their delicate vocals and piano. Until Adam returned with the dance beats.

The song turned into Fire and fittingly, the flames returned to the stage. Kira Puru then retuned and for a sing-a-long to Blur’s Song 2.

Chris Sebastian retuned and together they performed Take Me Over. This was followed by Stranger. Their final song was their 2015 hit High, which left the crowd grooving and in high spirits, literally.

Image by Jonathan James

Performing some of their newbies as well as the oldies, the crowd can confirm that these guys know how to make contagious and irresistible music and deliver it to their audiences. They certainly brought the passion and energy to Adelaide on their biggest tour yet.

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