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Review & Photos: BRKLYN Vibes Hit Adelaide’s East End!

You could be in America, but you’re not. You are just in Adelaide’s newest and most unique bar, BRKLYN. Find out more and see all the socials, food/drink and venue snaps here….

As the sun sunk into a medley of purples and pink last night, the East End’s new highly-anticipated bar unveiled their work of art – and Glam’s here to deliver you the goss.


Almost as if they’ve taken a very slice out of Brooklyn and placed it on Rundle St, BRKLYN is not only a bar, it’s an experience! Designed by Matiya Marovich of Sans-Arc Studio (think Gondola Gondola, NOLA, Pink Moon Saloon), the venue features three ‘shops’ as you make your way to the bar. A New York style deli serves up a range of options from pastrami on rye bread with house made pickles (don’t pick these ones off, they’re amazing!) to pickled mushrooms, eggplant and feta croquettes, lobster rolls and old bay popcorn. Guaranteed to tickle those late night tastebuds!


A wee DJ room, home to the SoundPond studio provides the beats while a secret storefront kept very tight lipped during construction lies between the beats and the eats… waiting to be discovered.

Well, Glam can exclusively reveal that this space actually features an in-house barbershop… and it will be fully functioning! Co-owner Rashaad Chenia spilled the beans, explaining ‘yes there will be a barber doing haircuts! We’ve had a few applications so far and are trying to find someone who is not only a great barber but also charismatic and fits the vibe we’re trying to create with BRKLYN.’


Rashaad goes on to explain that their ‘ideal scenario is for people to pop in for their haircut, and whilst they’re waiting, grab a bite to eat at the deli and drink at the liquor store (bar).’

Featuring only South Australian wine from McLaren Vale, the Barossa, Eden Valley and the Adelaide hills, their drinks menu is sensational. SC Pannell, The Lane, Hentley Farm, Vinteloper- how could you go wrong?! When asked if they ever considered bringing in wines from Brooklyn or other parts of the US, Rashaad clarified that ‘we did consider American wines at one point but due to the amazing quality of local wines we have here in South Australia, we felt that keeping it local was really important!

What’s more, a maze of cocktails lead their guests spiraling into a Brooklyn whirl with an inventive take on a few classics. Cold-drip Negroni. Chipotle-infused Blanco Tequila. Roast Coconut Yep, you’ve done well BRKLYN, very well.


The launch of BRKLYN will bring more of those late-night vibes down to the East, as this venue will support already rockin’ bars like NOLA and Mr Goodbar. BRKYLN’s owners are both passionate about their location stating- ‘I do believe that the East End is starting to recapture the atmosphere and popularity it once had… A lot of people do prefer to stay away from the bustle and intense atmosphere of Hindley Street and that’s when the East End is usually a preferred drinking destination.’

What can we say? We kind of like it here. And we think you might too. In the ever pertinent words of Biggie Smalls, Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way.

BRKLYN opens to the public tonight!

Check out all the pictures from the launch event snapped by the amazing Matt Krocker below.


260a Rundle Street, Adelaide

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