Review: PURE Adelaide • Glam Adelaide

Review: PURE Adelaide

Techno legends, Carl Cox, Marc Carola, Joseph Capriati, Enrico Sangiuliano and more at Adelaide’s Thebarton Theatre.

Review: PURE Adelaide

This show was reviewed by Declan Sharp at the Thebarton Theatre on April 19, 2019.

Far from European electronic, specifically techno, music cathedrals that these men frequent like Space Ibiza (RIP), Fabric or Pacho, we were treated to some of Europe’s techno royalty at PURE Adelaide last night.

For those that do not know, Carl Cox is a legend of the UK scene and has been a part of it for thirty years. He may have started with the acid house craze and hardstyle, but his years in Ibiza mean he has been playing techno and tech-house for the past decade. The crowd last night was older than what you’d be familiar with in clubs in Adelaide, but it shows the nature of the Australian scene. Instead of growing up with Carl Cox, going to legendary clubs at 18 and being part of a rave scene like many in the UK do, we grow into this music and its scene.

Techno is a bit of a paradox. It is a genre of music that in many ways was the genesis of electronic music some forty years ago and with that comes some snobbery. However, it is still essentially a genre for people to get intoxicated and dance to for hours. Ultimately, all techno snobbery is stripped away when you’re in a pit full of fellow tech-heads.

Carl Cox, the third act, really set the stage and elevated the night to heavy techno, nothing minimal, and Italian legend Marc Carola, could only follow suit. I was not there for the first act, sorry Enrico Sangiuliano, but Joseph Capriati playing some tech house moved up the beats per minute to techno during his set to get the crowd ready for Carl. I thank everyone who was involved, and everyone who came. We need more big acts like this in Adelaide.

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