Review: Safia Go Internal At The Thebby Oct 22

13567225_1064201547005640_3156842510558219795_n“Hey Adelaide! Ready to have dance tonight?”, bellows Ben Wooler, singer and one third of electronic act Safia, right before the band delved into “Listen To Soul, Listen To Blues”. Hailing from Canberra, the 3-piece have released a slew of singles since 2013, but 2016 finally saw the release of their debut album “Internal”.

Even though the band haven’t been around that long, you wouldn’t be able to tell this by their visual effects and lighting show. There were several screens from floor to ceiling with an array of visual effects that captured perfectly the mood of each track. And the lighting was set up like we were in a nightclub…well it was a Saturday night after all! Kudos to the band as this set up would’ve cost a pretty penny.

As the band went through their hour long set, pumping out tracks like “Make Them Wheels Roll”, “Counting Sheep” and fan favourite “You Are The One”; it was great to see that an electronic act weren’t relying on backing tracks, but playing real instruments. And you couldn’t get any more real than a…er…telephone. Woolner used one as a microphone and mashed in about 10 seconds of Gorillaz big hit “Feel Good Inc.” during “You Are The One”.

The night was grooving along nicely, not a body was sitting down at Thebarton Theatre and why would you as the band continued with the stage presence of a band that had been on the live scene twice as long. The band finished with three bangin’ tracks, “Take Me Over”, “Go To Waste” and “Embrace Me”, where the crowd dug deep in the energy bags and helped the band finished off what was a great Saturday night.

By Darren M. Leach

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