Review: Silvers Circus

Gypsy Gomez in Silvers Circus

The circus is in Bonython Park with a global troupe of astounding performers and a perfect blend of high energy, music, lighting and pyrotechnics!


Gypsy Gomez in Silvers Circus

Gypsy Gomez spins hoola hoops atop a disco ball in Silvers Circus

Hey there, hoopla, the circus is in town! Bonython Park is currently playing host to the Silvers Circus yellow big top, whose global troupe of astoundingly skilled performers will excite and delight an audience on a universal basis. Their perfect blend of  high energy talent and music as well as impressive lighting and pyrotechnics will leave you awestruck.

The human performances feature slack and high wire acrobatics by South Australia’s own Ramon Kathriner, who grew up in Balaklava before following the family passion into a circus career. Balancing above the crowd without wires or catch mats, I caught my breath when Kathriner slipped on opening night during a major stunt. Ring Master Simon Tait  confirmed after the show that this live-action slip-up was not planned. It made Kathriner’s successful attempt even more amazing to me.

The clowns made me smile and laugh until my face hurt, particularly when they involved crowd members in the debauchery on centre stage. It was wonderful to see how a smile, a funny hat and a whistle could encourage unprepared visitors into a hilarious ad-lib performance.

Ricardo Costa-De-Araujo took juggling to a new level by moving his props using both hands and feet, while simultaneously spinning or running. I’ve honestly never seen juggling so fast! But then again, Yibi Gomez flipped juggling on its head for me by bouncing up to five balls on a moving platform or around an A-frame structure. The use of UV lights and lasers made this performance a visual spectacular.

Then there was Gypsy Gomez, whose love of performance and amazing talent with hula hoops was infectious. She balanced atop a giant disco ball while spinning what I’d guess was a dozen hoops. While I am yet to master the spinning of just one hoop, she made it look so easy and enjoyable I wanted to get up and have a go myself!

Performing with poise and grace on the Roman Rings was Rosita Gasser. If ladies could compete on this apparatus at the Olympics, I would put my money on Gasser for the gold. How she could twist and flip one minute, but hold a pose perfectly still the next was truly astounding.

Amazed and petrified, I watched the three Phoenix Riders (mostly through my fingers), who rode up to three motorbikes inside a three-and-a-half metre metal globe. At one stage, they also manoeuvred around a stationery performer, without so much as messing up a strand of her gorgeous hair.

For the animal lovers, there’s the most competitive Power v Crows showdown you’ll ever see, in the form of AFL playing boxer dogs. These bright bunch of loveable canines clearly love performing as much as their human counterparts.

There’s truly something to be said for the suspense and intensity of live performance and I believe Silvers has taken Australian circus to the next level. It is a high energy production, complete with pyrotechnics, excellent sound quality and above all, some of the world’s best live action performers to hold you breathless.

If you’re considering a fun outing for the family these holidays, you simply have to consider Silvers Circus. There’s easy parking and exceptional seating options regardless of your budget and ticket prices (which by the way, are on par with that of a Zoo entry). I’d all but guarantee you and your family will be delighted by the spectacle that is Silvers Circus.

Reviewed by Bree Downs-Woolley

Venue 1: Bonython Park, Adelaide
When: 10 April – 11 May 2014
Venue 2: The Putting Green, Elizabeth
When: 14 – 25 May 2014
Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes (including intermission)
Tickets: $25 – $30
Bookings: Book through Ticketmaster

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