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Review: Ted

I went into Ted thinking it was a family film. What? I don't go to the movies that much, and until then I hadn't seen any of the trailers. And the bear just looked so damn fluffy! Cut to the first scene of Ted and John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) smoking illicent substances out of a peculiar cylindrical device. Got it. I should have known better, after all Ted comes from the pen of Family Guy and American Dad creator Seth MacFarlane. And this is definitely one of MacFarlane's brainchilds.

Fluffy former childhood plaything Ted (voiced by MacFarlane – is there anything he can't do?) grows up right in front of us. From a squeaky-voiced companion to a young John, to a lazy, loudmouthed surly Peter Griffin/Homer Simpson wannabe, being unemployed and drug-addled has never looked so fun, and strangely enough, so cute. Family Guy cohorts Mila Kunis (John's girlfriend and voice of reason Lori) as well as Alex Borstein, Ralph Garman and Patrick Warburton are along for the ride, and we're all the better for it. Not to mention cameos from Grammy winning chanteuse Norah Jones and an oddly flamboyantly gay Ryan Reynolds, in keeping with MacFarlane's tradition of roping stars for the most unlikely of guest roles.

His distinct knack for observational comedy, as well as some of the lewdest, rudest and crudest gags involving a teddy bear I've seen (thus far) made Ted a wildly enjoyable romp. I won't bore you with the storyline, which was slightly predictable at best. Ted was all about the laughs and shock factor, and while it may have played out like an extra-long episode of Family Guy, there's no complaints here. Not a fan of MacFarlane's animated ventures? You'd best sit Ted out then. And please, don't bring your kids to this one just yet.

If you enjoyed Stepbrothers, you'll love Ted.

4/5 Stars

Ted is in cinemas now

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