REVIEW: The Creases And Hatchie's Sell Out Adelaide Show

REVIEW: The Creases And Hatchie’s Sell Out Adelaide Show


If selling out Rocket Bar is any indication, The Creases have arrived as one of the hottest new rock acts on the Australian music landscape. With the rise of electronic music and synth based indie pop, it’s good to know there are still hot rock bands captivating audiences around the country and filling rooms.

Hatchie’s performance was one of the most inspiring support slots from a indie indie act in recent memory. With hyper melodic songs, rich vocals, lush guitar sound with the guitarist using big guitar effects the overall sound was very impressive and definitely an act to check out on their next tour. Cult single “Try” has been getting a lot of great feedback and with such a rich tune it’s no wonder why. Hatchie has a huge future and if you like big melody acts like Naked and Famous, rich 90’s indie pop like The Cranberries and a bit of dreampop in the mix, you will love these guys.

The Creases have a look, feel, vibe and sound that is plucked straight out of a combination of early 2000s New York indie or 90s Britpop. The songs ring out and so are memorable that it is undeniable that the band is primed for big things.

One of the great things about the act is the tight high energy rhythm section. Bassist Aimon Clarke is a major part of the live show with his long hair, strong back up vocals and really pumped up body language. His enthusiasm is contagious and it helps whip the crowd up into a frenzy.

The catchy, flowing songs are well constructed in the vein of some old school classics which sound effortless and are great for dancefloors. New single Is It Love resonated well with the crowd with a great bouncy rhythm, while
impact sounded epic. Overall the reaction from crowd was huge and there was no respite from the audience with clear indication their fans love them.

Singer Joe Agius was glowing praise for Adam “Acey” Cope’s role as a promoter nationally and his reputation around Australia for looking after touring bands, which is a great reflection on both Cope, but also Rocket Bar. One of Adelaide’s best, bust strangely unheralded live music venues.

With great hooks, fantastic live stage energy from all members and huge love from fans, hence the sell out show, this is one band that has an undeniable upwards trajectory that could not only take them to bigger national stages but perhaps even big overseas festivals.

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