Review: The Sum Of Ed Sheeran

If you were wondering where most of Adelaide were on Wednesday night, the Ed Sheeran concert at the Adelaide Oval may be your answer. More than 65,000 fans flocked to see a guy in a blue flanny armed with nothing but a guitar and a loop machine work his magic to what was evidently an adoring crowd. It was mayhem in the city, with the Sheeran fan base (referred to as ‘Sheerios’) occupying every corner as they made the pilgrimage to the Adelaide Oval to catch a glimpse of their hero.

Pic: Phil Williams

There’s definitely something about Ed Sheeran. He’s not only a brilliant singer, songwriter, and entertainer et al, but also a really decent down to earthy guy. Quite possibly the incarnation of both Bob Dylan and Van Morrison, a nouveau’ folk hero for our generation perhaps.

Supported by the very talented Fergus James and Missy Higgins, the Sheeran experience is a mixed bag of music styles. He lays down the most poignant of love songs such as Thinking Out Loud & Perfect, then drops into an Irish jig (Galway Girl) followed by some rap/hip hop.

He shares the stage with only one other musician, and for one song only (How Would You Feel) he’s joined by ‘P.J. the Pianist’, who also happened to be the carpenter who built the stage he was performing on.

One thing is for certain though, the passion in his music is intensely powerful and appeals to the masses for its sheer honesty and emotion. There’s no doubt the lad has a massive future ahead of him. Heck, he’s selling out stadiums now, imagine what he’ll achieve as he develops his already stellar career!

The production side to his show was impressive, with the multimedia imagery acting as a backdrop in an amazingly creative, colourful, and innovative measure. Not that he needed it, but nonetheless a visually attractive show. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that ticket sales are breaking records. He’s brilliant, decent…and he pronounces ‘dance’ like we do here in Radelaide!

How’s that for a trifecta!

Next stop is Melbourne, followed by Sydney, Brisbane and NZ.


By Dazz Hassan

Pics: Phil Williams


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