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Review: The Winter Village Adelaide

Find out what we think of The Winter Village that’s popped up in Adelaide this May.

Photo credit: The Winter Village; James Elsby.

The Winter Village arrived in Adelaide on 14 May, and has kicked off a four month-long wonderland experience until 5 September, giving you even more reason to get out this winter.

By now you might have heard about the alpine-inspired winter village that’s set up camp at Adelaide’s Torrens Parade Grounds, and I’m here to tell you all about the wonderland that’s brought the grounds to life.

The first thing that should be noted is the village itself is entirely free to enter. There’s also private igloos and ice skating up for an extra cost if you want to experience a little more (and oh boy, you really do).

The igloos themselves are decked out with a combination of chairs and benches, decorated accordingly with plush cushions and throws to give warmth to the winter experience. Once you’ve cosied up inside, you can expect to be treated to a drink (pending the igloo package you purchase). First up, you have your choice of wine, and then you get to enjoy a cocktail, with options of aperol spritz or espresso martinis. Both delicious in their own right, I had to sip both just to make sure.

Now here’s where it gets even better. The food is incredible. Initially, I had expected some festival style, quickly whipped up options rolling in, which would have been understandable granted the small space The Winter Village chefs are working in. I was very wrong.

First up under the premium igloo package you can expect some platters of grazing goodness. We opted for a vegan platter which featured dips, pickles, olives, eggplant and grilled capsicum just to name a few. For non-vegan platters you can also expect a selection of cheese and meat.

This in itself was great, but what followed really blew my expectations out of the water. Shortly after the antipasto entree, came mains of loaded fries, crumbed broccoli, mashed potato, slaw and spring rolls that really had me wishing I’d worn elasticised pants.

At the expense of sounding like a broken record, dessert was out-of-this-world good, with ice cream sandwiches in vanilla and chocolate, fresh strawberries and raspberries and hot churros with chocolate dipping sauce.

The village itself has a number of other things to experience once your time in your private igloo is up, including an ice skating rink complete with skating aids for kids, and adults who are ice skating challenged (guilty).

You can also expect your winter experience to be taken to the next level with snow sprays happening intermediately throughout the night as you chill out and immerse yourself in this truly awesome experience in the CBD. In an ambient setting of fairy lights, The Winter Village is perfect for families, friends and pretty much anyone.

One thing I absolutely have to note about The Winter Village, is the service is impeccable. Timely and accomodating, we were even asked if we were too cold and would like the igloo’s windows closed which was the icing on top of an already magical evening.

You’ve got until September to book yourself an igloo and experience at The Winter Village in Adelaide, but in my opinion, you shouldn’t wait.

The Winter Village Adelaide is open Monday to Thursday 11:00am – 10:00pm, Friday 11:00am to 12:00am, Saturday 10:00am – 12:00am and Sunday 10:00am to 10:00pm.

You book your winter village experience here.

While we were invited to attend The Winter Village, these views are ours and ours alone.

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