Review: TreeClimb Adelaide through the lens of a teenager

TreeClimb has been open to the public for 3 years now and quickly rose in popularity to become a top attraction in Adelaide – but is it worth the price?

TreeClimb Adelaide has been open to the public for 3 years now and has quickly risen in popularity to become a top attraction in Adelaide. It claims to offer a fun outdoor experience near the city, with tickets available from $35 – but is it worth the price?

There are two main experiences you can pick from at Treeclimb; the Kids Course, and the Grand Course.

The Kids Course, from what I can tell, is a mellow and relatively safe adventure through TreeClimb. Most children will likely transition from the Kids’ Course to the Grand Course at around 8 to 10 years of age, although this is based mostly on kids’ confidence and ability.

The Grand Course is the full experience of TreeClimb, boasting a total of 52 obstacles with 5 coloured levels of difficulty; green, blue, white, red, and black.

If you’re into thrills and challenges, the black course is right up your alley – just keep in mind that it may take up to an hour to complete for some. TreeClimb charges per hour, so if you prefer a more explorative journey, you can experience 2 or more levels in the same one-hour session. For me, the black course was the most fun, but make sure you do it last, because it can be really physically taxing.

The Tarzan Swing is easily the most thrilling and challenging obstacle, but as of writing this review, the Tarzan Swing is currently down for maintenance. The next best obstacle would be the zipline down at the end of every Grand Course level.

One criticism I have of TreeClimb is that your speed going through the course also matters on who’s in front of you. If they’re particularly slow, get ready for some waiting. Keep in mind the courses operate on a fixed-level system, and there are few choices you can take in the course itself once you’ve picked your level.

In recent news, TreeClimb has announced that they are constructing an additional course at Kuitpo Forest, which promises to be both environmentally-friendly and exhilaratingly fun.

You can learn more about TreeClimb and its courses here.

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